More Madness: Corvette-Powered Danish Supercar

Zenvo ST1

I know, I’m stealing tgriffith’s thunder with this one, but it’s too bizarre to pass up. The Zenvo ST1 comes from Denmark and uses a tweaked Corvette Z06 V8 to produce 1,104 hp and 0-62-mph times of 3 seconds. And you know what else? It’s got alcantra leather seats and power door locks.

The mostly carbon-fiber car costs $1.225 million. Reportedly there are only 15 of these around, mostly in Europe, but now the company has struck a deal with a California distributor, Red Sea Distribution, to sell it in the U.S.

Not only is that tremendous news for the fortunate few, but three especially lucky U.S. people may also line up to buy a hotted-up version (1,250 hp) called the ST1 50S, of which there will be only three available (in red, white and blue), costing $1.8 million. But for that they throw in an Aspen watch worth $49,000. I wonder what the floormats are made of.

Full details are in the press release here. Now, fans, you’ve got a car that can likely beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, and it looks a helluva lot better.

Dartz CombatRed Sea appears to be an interesting outfit. According to its website, it’s looking for boutique dealers ready to sell its very exclusive collection of vehicles, which includes, beside the Zenvos, machines like the TVR Sagaris (yes, TVRs are still being built), the German Weismann Roadster, the Dutch Savage Rivale, and the Russian luxury bulletproof off-roader, the Dartz Kombat (right).

The latter will provide transport for your dinero from “certain transactions” to the bank. We would imagine this is the kind of vehicle Bernie Ecclestone, boss of Formula One racing, who must have more money (and enemies) than God, should own.

His daughter Petra is buying what is reportedly the most expensive house in the U.S., the 57,000-square-foot French monstrosity in L.A. built by TV/film producer Aaron Spelling and last on the market (by his daughter Candy) for $150 million.

With the sort of bread she apparently has, Petra Ecclestone ought to go for maybe the blue Zenvo ST1 50S. What do you think?


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  1. You start to understand why the French citizenry did what they did to the royalty during the revolution when the arrogance and excess of these “people” is revealed. Aside from the truly ugly and bizarre whatever the heck that truck is, any real car nut would not pay that much for a car and not get a sweet sounding V-12. Corvette V-8’s are anacronistic “blunt instruments” that GM continues to use simply because they are cheap to build. To put one in a supercar is like making a fine gourmet meal from road kill.

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