Automotive Gifts for Father’s Day

To my wife and kids: Whatever you do this Father’s Day, don’t get me any of these items:

  • A tie. (I don’t like them and I don’t wear them.)
  • Anything golf related. (Just because I’m a dad doesn’t mean I like golf. I don’t.)
  • Tools. (If I need a tool, I’ll buy one. I don’t want a cheap novelty tool just so you can feel good about getting me something.)

If you want to impress me, make me happy and make me feel appreciated and loved, you should get me something listed below:

The Corvette in the Barn

I don’t mean this literally, I mean the book by Tom Cotter. Every guy fantasizes about opening an old barn door and finding a neglected, forgotten classic. This book chronicles those stories, and I want it.

A driving experience

If you *really* want to show me you love me, get me a place in a racing school, performance driving course or, even better, a shot at joining the 200-mph club.

Driving sunglasses

Yes, I have a pair already, but I can’t have too many. Plus, I’m scheduled to lose mine any day now, so a replacement will be handy. Something from Native, Bolle, Smith Optics or the Ferrari Store would be fine.

Car wash kit

Since I’m the one keeping the cars clean, I want a proper car wash kit. Soap, wax, buffer, polisher, the whole thing.

Car audio

Be careful here – I’m picky. I appreciate great sound, and a cheap off-the-shelf stereo isn’t going to cut the mustard. I want to be able to not only burst my eardrums if I choose, but the eardrums of the poor sap sitting two cars ahead of me at the light. Perhaps a gift card would be best.

2012 Pirelli Calendar

Yes, it’s early, but you have to plan ahead for these things. I’ll keep it in the garage, I promise.

If none of these are reasonable and you must give me something I didn’t ask for, please note our local Porsche dealer is only about 10 miles away. I’m sure a friendly salesman can arrange a new set of keys for me to open Sunday morning.

Happy Father’s Day, fellow CarGurus. What are you giving, or hoping to receive, this Father’s Day?


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  1. All I got was a real Ford tractor with a front loader, and it’s not even father’s day yet. I even got to put a new exhaust manifold on it today, which is much easier than having to remove the engine to replace one on a ’62 T-Bird. A Ferrari in the garage doesn’t do much for the guy with a fifteen yards of dirt and gravel to move.

  2. Haha… love this! And I didn’t understand why you wanted a tire calendar until I googled it. Wow! Sign me up please! This is funny.

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