How Patriotic Is Your Metro Area?

U.S. flag on car

When CarGurus started thinking about this year’s July 4th, we decided to take a look at which major U.S. metro areas are most patriotic in terms of car shopping. We looked at the cars our DealFinder shoppers have inquired about in 50 major metro areas, and we found that shoppers in some areas have a strong preference for American brand cars, while those in other areas actually prefer foreign cars.

We were not at all surprised to find that shoppers in the Detroit metro area had the strongest preference of all the areas we studied for American brand cars. St. Louis fell very closely behind, with Cleveland, Milwaukee and Tulsa completing our top five most patriotic car buying metro areas. The Midwest generally had the strongest interest in American cars.

California, meanwhile, took the bottom four slots in our list, meaning shoppers in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose metro areas had the lowest interest in American brand cars. New York, Boston, Seattle and Miami also placed in our bottom 10, suggesting that car shoppers in metro areas on both coasts had the least interest in American brand cars.

Where did your metro area place in our ranking? You can see our complete list and read the whole study here.

Does patriotism come into play when you’re shopping for a car, or do you try to focus on practical or financial issues? Or maybe other considerations?


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  1. I always try to buy a product made in my local area, if possible. That’s pretty easy here in SE Michigan, because I can find more than a dozen assemply plants within 90 miles of my home.

    One trend from the last decade stumps me though, and I’ve even noticed here in the Detroit area— African Americans driving foreign brands like Huyundai, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes. I can’t think of any single industry that has done more to lift African American’s standard of living than the domestic car industry, which almost single-handedly made a modern domestic surge of college educations for young blacks in America. So when I see an African American driving a Huyundai, most of which are produced in a country that can only be described as racially monolithic, I can’t help but wonder if these folks put any thought into what they are doing. If any single group can be singled out as being hurt the most by the decline of the domestic auto industry, it’s African Americans.

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