Have a Teen? Make ‘Em Drive One of These

In case you thought it was impossible to make the Honda Fit look any weirder, check out the non-Photoshopped image above of the Honda Fit Shuttle.

The front three-quarters looks like a regular Fit, but the rear looks like the regular Fit has filled its diaper.

And what’s with the tri-color pointy C-pillar? The Fit Shuttle is certainly an odd duck, but as of now it is meant only for the Japanese market. Which is mostly OK with me, except I think it would make a perfect teen car here in the States. It’s ugly, not too fast, but reliable, and able to haul sports equipment and musical instruments. Because that’s what teens do with their cars, right?

When I was in high school I drove a 1984 Honda Accord. Somehow that car managed to haul up to 8 of my closest friends while drag-racing other slow 4-cylinder teen cars and not getting its oil changed for at least three years. (I didn’t realize or appreciate proper engine maintenance back then; I came into my car-prime late. Don’t laugh.)

1990 Subaru Legacy

Perfect teen car

Teens need those kinds of cars, and I think the Fit (or better yet, the Fit Shuttle) fits the bill perfectly. A teen car should be small, easy to  control, reliable enough to get him or her to school, work and back (but no farther) and just weird-looking enough that he or she won’t want to drive it *all the time.*

Other good options are the first-gen Toyota Rav4, early 2000s Nissan Altima, early 2000s Ford Focus wagon, early Subaru Legacy (talk about SLOW) and any pre-2008 Kia or Hyundai.

With one of these cars, your teenager will be plenty grateful and thrilled at the idea of having his or her own wheels.

Even if those wheels run the risk of falling off just after graduation.

What do you think is the perfect car for a teenager?


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  1. I think the early 80’s Mercedes diesel is a good choice. Its ugly, slow and built to hit a wall and drive away.

  2. Ahem, son – the oil did get changed on that on 1984 Accord. as well as the tires, cooling system. front end struts, timing chain…….

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