Fourth of July Fantasy: The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc

The best things about the Fourth of July are barbecues, parades and families. Incorporating porcelain accents in seven different places, a garish/gorgeous paint scheme, and a built-in caviar tray, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc would be particularly fitting in the fire-engine parade, wouldn’t it? Let the kids crawl over it.

The L’Or Blanc (meaning “white gold”) cost $2.4 million and was built for “an unidentified businessman from the United Arab Emirates, who has a collection of about 800 cars,” according to Bloomberg. On Independence Day, this beast declares how far gone we are in oil dependence.

Don’t ask why anyone would use fancy KPM porcelain for fuel and filler caps, wheel centers, and other trim points around the cabin. At 250 mph, one wonders which of these will be first to come unglued and shatter. One wonders how often the UAE gentleman will ever drive it.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L'Or Blanc interiorThen we have the issue of distracted driving. The paint scheme, interior and exterior, might contribute to this. But eating caviar while driving (see the little dish behind the shifter on the console – it’s not for toll-booth change), must truly be worse than texting.

“170 mph? Officer, I had no idea. I was having a caviar snack, and the little black devils were rolling off my bruschetta.”

I guess my question is why Bugatti, one of the great names in auto history, keeps on building joke cars like the Veyron special editions and destroying its once-proud reputation. I know, it’s for the money, but poor old Ettore must be flipping in his grave with this latest production.

The Grand Sport L’Or Blanc also flies in the face of everything the Fourth of July stands for, at least in my book.

Does the Bugatti Grand Sport L’Or Blanc give you sexy dreams or nightmares?


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  1. Why would Bugatti build such monstosities? See my previous post with the lyrics for “Money makes the world go around.”

    I can’t fathom why anyone would buy a car tha looks like a Japanese toilet.

  2. Front end has an eerie resemblance to a ’58 Edsel, no?? Scary would be having a ’48 Tucker Torpedo headlight in the flying vagina centerpiece. Sexy would be an ’82 Subaru GL light there.

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