Ram Marching Toward F-150’s Crown

2011 Ram 1500

There’s an older GMC Sierra sitting at the house directly across the street from mine. I can use that truck pretty much whenever I please, whether it’s to haul a yard of dirt or help move a couch across town.

The truck has been at my disposal (thanks to the kindness of my neighbor) for the better part of six years. And I think I’ve used it three or four times.

Needless to say, I don’t need a pickup. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want one. There’s something about a truck that brings out the primal instincts of being a guy; we have a hard-wired desire to step up into the cab of a truck, drive to a buddy’s house, then haul stuff around and grunt a lot.

In these United States, the truck of choice for many guys has been the Ford F-150. But Chrysler’s Ram pickups are quickly picking up steam.

Chrysler sold 21,362 Ram pickups in June, a 35 percent jump from the year prior (when the model was known as the Dodge Ram Pickup 1500). That makes Ram the highest selling Chrysler product for the month, but still places it well behind the 49,618 F-Series rigs that Ford moved during the same period.

Ram Long-Hauler concept: 1,600-mile range!

Ram’s increased sales are at least partly attributed to a hefty advertising budget, considering not much else has changed with Ram trucks since last year.

That could change, though, if Ram introduces a feature other trucks lack: an air-spring suspension system. Similar to the suspension used on big rigs, the technology could provide an improved ride and even translate into best-in-class hauling numbers. Ram has already shown the suspension fitted to its massive Long-Hauler concept, so it could show up in production trucks fairly quickly.

If it does, expect those Ram sales numbers to keep going up as guys everywhere succumb to that inner desire to own a pickup.

If you don’t own a pickup, why not? If you do own one, could you ever live without it?


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  1. My Trailblazer does all my hauling with no problem and averages around 20mpg in typical driving, so I’m set. If I was considering a pickup truck, I would look at the Ram. They’re very popular here in Michigan and they seem to be aggressively priced. Even better, they’re not butt-ugly like the Toyota and Honda big pickups.

  2. I own an F-150. I def need it. I haul a boat, mulch, tailgating supplies, and much more. I am however, now that it is paid for, looking for an old mazda protege5 for an every day driver. Tight parking and 12 mpg around town is getting old.

  3. Haha… I don’t own (or even need) a truck either but anytime I see one on the corner with a for sale sign I briefly get excited about parking it in my driveway. The thing is, all I would do with it is drive to the grocery store.
    More power to Ram if it can keep increasing sales but I sure don’t ever see it overtaking Ford.

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