Best Videos of the Week: The Squirrel, Transformers 3, Marathon Bridge

Lucky squirrel Lamborghini

This week has been particularly good for the car-video obsessed folks among us.

It’s also been particularly good for a squirrel that decided to play chicken with a Lamborghini approaching at full bore. We’ve all seen squirrels attempt Frogger-like suicide runs across busy suburban streets and end up flat in the middle of the road.

So how can a manic run across a track turn out well for the little guy in the video below? Who knows… but he’s definitely earned the title of Luckiest Squirrel in the World.

Follow the jump for that video and more!

Watch it in slo-mo over and over. Anyone else think this squirrel possesses magic powers? With over 5 million views, odds are you’ve seen this, but it’s worth another look. Or maybe I’ve just watched it 5 million times.

On the Transformers front, a keen-eyed YouTube fan has noticed some striking similarities between a 2005 Michael Bay film called The Island and his newest project, Transformers 3:

Heading over to China, we see that the country has just opened the world’s longest bridge at 26.4 miles. Over water. That’s longer than a marathon! If anyone doubts Chinese engineering capabilities, take a look at this:

Feel free to share links to any other car-related videos you like!


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  1. Fun stuff, good way to kill a few minutes on a lazy Friday afternoon! Thanks cargurus. Can’t stop laughing about that squirrel!

  2. That’s one of the basics about CGI– much of what you see called background plates is resusable stuff. It’s already in the computer, and reusing that single shot probably saved the producers 20K or more.

    I’ve seen deer, squirrels, chipmunks, opossums, families of raccoons, turkey buzzards and turkeys on the track. Rule number one is to do what the Lamborghini driver did– nothing. More people die on Michigan roads from trying to dodge deer than from actually hitting them. Given the low level of driver training here in the states, that makes sense. Most people have no idea how to safely do an evasive maneuver and end up in the ditch, hitting a tree, or hitting someone head on.

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