CLS550 “Coupe” Could Be Benz’s Best

I would call the Mercedes-Benz CLS550 a 4-door sedan, but Mercedes insists on its “4-door coupe” terminology. Whatever, this is a striking, even stunning design, now six years old, but tweaked to give it a bit more muscle, a bit more flare.

The new CLS550 now gives us a smaller, more efficient 4.6-liter powerplant compared to its big-blat CL predecessor, going with turbo and direct injection along with the rest of the car world, it seems. Power is now 402 hp, and torque is 443 lb-ft—still sufficient to boot you to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

If that won’t do it for you, there’s always the “CLS63 AMG new direct-injection 5.5-liter biturbo AMG V8 (518 hp, 516 lb-ft) with ECO Stop/Start technology, AMG 7-speed MCT and AIRMATIC rear suspension. Optional Performance Package yields 550 hp/590 lb-ft.” So says a notice I saw on Mercedes-Benz’s press site.

And if you don’t like the 4-door, try the CL550 4MATIC 2-door coupe—which will unfortunately cost you much more. Base price of the CLS550 is $72,175; MSRP of the 2-door CL is $114,025. Why? Because it’s even bigger, based on the S-Class platform and more sumptuously fitted out.

Even at its immense size (4,699 pounds), the CL apparently handles well and could be the ultimate grand tourer, we suppose.

Anyway, back to the bargain-priced 4-door coupe: In a traditional 2+2 arrangement, the rear seat passengers don’t get a whole lot of legroom or headroom, but interior comfort is otherwise claimed to be outstanding. Appointments, ditto.

CLS550, left rearThe styling is still adventurous, even though the rear end and taillight treatment (right) looks somewhat contrived and forced. Otherwise, it’s a beautifully integrated design. Says one reviewer, “the body looks milled from a solid chunk of steel and makes the still-beautiful departing model look positively dated by comparison. And that’s just the outside.” More pix here.

Does the CLS550’s styling work for you? I don’t see anything in the car world that can touch it.


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  1. I saw a Lamborghini in my neck of the woods recently… like you, Randy, the roads here are nearly undriveable and exotics just aren’t seen here. I can’t imagine hitting some crumbling asphalt in a Gallardo…. man.

  2. I’ll take a used Ferrari, please.
    Hey, I saw a yellow Ferrari on the road here yesterday. Only the second one I’ve see this year. We don’t have a lot of people driving exotics around here on Michigan roads because they’re almost undriveable even in a truck.
    I remember driving around an engineer from Germany a few years back. (He lived in a big city and didn’t even own a car.) We went to our offices in Kokomo Indiana. On the way back, when we got within a few miles of the Michigan state line, I told him to close his eyes and tell me when we entered Michigan. After we hit the state line, he started laughing. It was like shooting off the end of a paved road onto a dirt road. And that’s our supposedly best roads, the interstates.

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