Perfect Chariots for a New Bride and Groom

1933 Packard Eight

My brother got married over the weekend to the love of his life.

The outdoor wedding under mild afternoon sun was picture-perfect. There was an open bar, lots of dancing and, of course, nothing but smiles and laughter (thanks in part to the open bar).

As the night wore down, I was taken by surprise by a car that gracefully rolled up the long gravel driveway to the reception site… a 1933 Packard Eight instantly recognizable by the trademark headlights, side-mounted spare tires and winged hood ornament (not to be confused with the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy).

The American luxury car of the Great Depression was the chariot of choice to escort the groom and his bride to their lavish downtown hotel; a better choice I could not have suggested myself.

But, should I have been asked which autos I might recommend to chauffeur a newly wedded couple from the reception to the beginning of marital bliss, I would have also included any of these fine automobiles:

1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Landaulette

As long as the trip to the hotel doesn’t include an Interstate highway, the classic Ghost is about as classy as it gets. While finding an original 48-hp 6-cylinder would be plain cool, I happen to know at least one limo service offers a pretty convincing reproduction, complete with original 1911 interior pieces and a (fairly) modern motor.

1938 Bugatti Type 57 Stelvio Cabriolet

1938 Bugatti 57 Stelvio

Sure, it’s rare, but one is going up for auction at Pebble Beach this year. If you have a hankering to do so, get down there, place your bid and start a wedding transport company. You’ll need somewhere around $800,000, but you’ll get the original 3.2-liter inline 8-cylinder engine and bragging rights to one of the rarest vehicles on Earth.

Aston Martin DB6 Volante

Aston Martin royal wedding

Being just like the Royal Couple will never go out of style, right? Well, okay, maybe it will, but taking off in a vintage Aston sure won’t!

What I wouldn’t recommend for the post-wedding limo ride are the gaudy Hummer H2 limos cruising through the narrow downtown streets of metropolises everywhere. Yeah, you’ll get to your destination in comfort, but “classy” won’t be the first word out of people’s mouths when they see you.

All in all, that ’33 Packard is pretty hard to beat as a wedding chariot, don’t you think?


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Used Hummer H2


  1. Around here it’s 40-foot-long Hummers and Ford SUV’s. That’s Michigan for you– no class.

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