Cars Coming Soon: 570 Stallions On Tap for Chrysler SRT8 Models

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

The news on Chrysler just keeps getting better.

To quickly sum up, a blogger for Forbes says,

Fiat is firmly in control of the rebounding Chrysler, which on Tuesday reported a modified operating profit of $507 million, up 177 percent from a year ago, along with a 30 percent surge in revenues. Chrysler’s worldwide sales were up 19 percent in the second quarter and its U.S. market share rose to 10.6 percent, from 9.4 percent a year ago.

On top of that, its government loans are now paid off, CEO Sergio Marchionne says he won’t mess with the company’s American culture, and there are some exciting products in the pipeline coming down from Auburn Hills.

Yes, it’s good times all around under the Pentastar. And even better times are on the way for future performance-loving Pentastar customers.

With its SRT performance brand, Chrysler hopes to take on premium rides like Land Rover (with the Grand Cherokee SRT8), BMW (with the Charger SRT8), Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz (with the 300 SRT8) and even the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (with the Challenger SRT8). With improved interiors and performance levels hell-bent on keeping up with, and beating, the competition, Chrysler’s SRT proposition looks awfully good.

And apparently, it will only get better. The current SRT mill is a 6.4-liter monster that puts out 470 hp but, if the rumors are true, that’s not quite evil enough for the SRT masterminds at Chrysler.

Later this year, the Dodge Charger SRT8 and Chrysler 300 SRT8 will reportedly be available with a supercharger that will up output to somewhere around 570 hp.

Holy rubber-melting awesome…

It’s possible the option will come in kit form (we know Chrysler isn’t afraid of offering extensive modification kits) and could also feature a new 8-speed automatic transmission to help control all the extra grunt.

For now, this extra turbocharged goodness only applies to SRT vehicles riding on the LX platform, which means the Grand Cherokee SRT8 will be left on the sidelines.

If you were in the market for a Land Rover, BMW, Cadillac or Mercedes, would an SRT8 vehicle be on your list, too? What if it cost $20K less than the competition?


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  1. A bit of Italian chassis tuning will do wonders for Chryslers lineup brakes for the 300 would be an idea brakes for the Viper would help it make these things stop and steer and Sergio will have some good cars some engine sorting is needed to bring US engine design up to speed and these cars will fly off the lots

  2. This is freakin’ awesome for Chrysler. They are called halo cars; meant to get media attention (check) and make people feel better about other Chrysler cars (we will see).

  3. @
    No, there’s no way the Challenger SRT8 will come in at $35K. The current model has a base price of around $46K. But compare a Charger SRT8 to a BMW 550 and there could be a $20K savings. Just estimates… but interesting comparisons.

  4. Brian it makes 71 more hp the gt500 was dyno’d at 499 bhp but the srt make say 570 but only put down 530 we wont know until the car pops out of prodution line and then dyno’d

  5. It is a freakmobile and looks like a giant grouper fish, dead with its mouth open. Base price, according to The CarConnection, will be about $47K, plus of course all you’ll spend on gas, insurance and depreciation. Chrysler takes a real step backward in developing dead fish like this.

  6. I own a GT500 and after taxes, etc. it was about $55,000. So you are telling me that the srt8 will be $35,000 with 570hp? Why even bring up the price games when the car will clearly cost way more than a shelby and only have 30 more hp?

  7. What they need is a 2 door charger, they need some fun cars, but also they need to refine their engines and be more efficient like Randy said.

  8. Car companies make these freakmobiles because they can count on the jaded automotive press wanting to line up to drive them, but they can’t survive (or make a profit) on such vehicles. Chrysler doesn’t need another bloated gas-guzzler, they need more fuel-efficient and reasonably priced vehicles that consumers will buy en masse. Probably Fiat will be able to help with their small cars, which will help balance Chryslers reputation for building inefficient vehicles.

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