Cars Coming Soon: Lexus Future to Bring Change, Familiarity

Lexus LFA Roadster concept from the 2008 Detroit Auto Show

There are two sides of the Lexus LFA fence:

It’s either the coolest, most aurally delightful and beautiful supercar to ever ever grace the track, or it’s a just an overpriced example of Japanese-designed excess.

I happen to believe the LFA came at a time when Lexus desperately needed something to infuse the brand with some excitement and would be well worth the almost-$400K asking price to snag one of the 500 production models.

At least 500 other folks seem to agree, since the car is sold out of its limited production run. But there’s hope that the fire-breathing madness will continue in the form of an LFA roadster, which should hit the streets (tracks garages) in mid-2014.

If you’re a bigger fan of the heart-safe and slightly less wallet-draining models typically associated with Lexus, read on!

Automotive News reports that the 7-passenger crossover long teased by Lexus, dubbed the VX, has been delayed with no real timeline regarding when, or if, it will ever see the light of day. As far as the Japanese automaker’s current stable of CUVs and SUVs go, the RX will get an update in early 2014, while the larger GX and range-topping LX will carry on as you see ’em forever. Or at least until 2015.

2012 Cadillac SRX

The RX update comes as some serious competition creeps up on the perennial best-seller. The Cadillac SRX (no coincidence, in my humble opinion, that the letters “RX” show up in its name) gets an update for 2012, and according to some reviewers has what it takes to *almost* take the sales crown from Lexus.

The posh Lexus sedan lineup won’t get forgotten over the next couple years, either. The flagship LS will see a redesign for 2013 while sticking with a hybrid V8 engine. An all-new 2012 GS will launch early next year, followed by an ES facelift. The entry IS will get its turn on the operating table in late 2012 and get some new bones based on the new GS platform.

Can any automaker bring down Lexus? The company seems to keep pumping out greatness.


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  1. It’s a shame to see Lexus moving to those big bloated gas hogs that Detroit is so famous for, but let’s face it– rich people have no shame and are delighted to rub our faces in their conspicuous consumption every chance they get.

  2. I would be seriously interested in an is-f. No lfa but who woulda thought Lexus would make hot performance cars?

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