Cars Coming Soon: Frankfurt to Offer Glimpse Into Ford’s Future

Aside from the Ford Mustang and F-150 Raptor, Ford design hasn’t exactly been as cutting edge as its some of its competitors lately.

Disagree? Compare the Ford Focus to the Hyundai Elantra. Or the Kia Forte. Or even the new Volkswagen Jetta. Case closed.

However, that could change soon, as Ford plans to unveil four global products at next month’s Frankfurt Auto Show, including a new major design concept and details on the next Focus performance car.

Focus RS anyone? We don’t know if that’s what Ford has among the surprises, but just the thought is enough to get the pistons churning.

2012 Ford Focus“Ford plans to make a strong statement at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with several very exciting global product reveals and our significantly expanded show stand,” said Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe. “We’re excited to be showing customers our best-ever vehicle line-up and a special glimpse of the future.”

That “significantly expanded show stand” is an understatement if I’ve ever heard one. Ford will show off its new wares using an entire 34,000-square-foot floor at the display hall in Frankfurt. Considering American carmakers aren’t known for extravagant displays at European shows, this is quite the show of intent for Ford’s worldwide marketing.

Details are slim at the moment on what exactly Ford’s four new global products are, but it’s hard not to be excited about the promise of something radical.

Judging from the above teaser picture, the future of Ford will be hot.

Are you ready for some serious design changes from Ford? I’ll be disappointed if the new vehicles are anything less than stunning.


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  1. Are you nuts man? Ford already has way better design than the others. Jetta over focus? You gotta be kidding. I am excited to see what that concept is. Please be a new gt…

  2. I’m SUPER excited for this. A new hot Focus would be great, although I strongly disagree with your comment about the comparison of the Focus. I’d argue that the new Focus is one of, if not the top compact sedan/hatchback out right now. I do agree with the comments about the Mustang and, of course, the Raptor, the sweetest stock off-roader on the market. Plus, Ford has the brand new Explorer and the facelifted Taurus. With all that going on, I’d say they have been quite “cutting edge”.
    But, back on topic of the show; I’d really like to see a new/updated Expedition and Escape as well. Perhaps we’ll see a new replacement for the Ranger, too? Either way, I’d really excited for this.

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