Celebrity Car Crashes: They’ll Make You Feel Like a Better Driver

BMW M3 crashed by Usain Bolt

Who crashed this BMW M3?

All too often we watch as the lives of celebrities unravel, unable to look away even when they sink to new lows. Think Tiger Woods, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. As the old saying goes, it’s like watching a car wreck.

Unfortunately for many celebs, actual car wrecks are usually part of the downfall process.

Today we bring you some examples of expensive vehicular sheet metal twisted around poles, plowed into businesses and totaled on rainy Thursday evenings. Car accidents and celebrities go together like iPads and apps, so enjoy all the twisted pleasure they bring.

George Michael's Range Rover

We’ll begin with our friend George Michael. I know. I never thought I’d mention him on this blog either, but I’m doing so because he has wrecked a Land Rover Range Rover. Twice.

In 2009 Michael rear-ended a semi truck in his Rover, then in 2010 he managed to Wham into a one-hour-photo shop in Britain with another Rover. How sad… yet terribly amusing.

Usain Bolt car wreck

Sprinter Usain Bolt won gold at the Beijing Olympics representing Jamaica. As a reward from his sponsors, we was given a 2009 BMW M3. You might think fast legs would translate to fast wheels, but you would be wrong. It didn’t take long for Bolt to skid off the highway and turn his M3 to mush.

Few people in the world, save for Mel Brooks and Jon Stewart, make me as happy as Rowan Atkinson. His Mr. Bean character has turned my frown upside down for more years than I care to remember. So it was with sadness that I read about his crash in a McLaren F1. Now, the F1 isn’t a particularly easy car to drive. There are no antilock brakes, no electronic stability control or other modern safety features, so Atkinson might be forgiven for losing control on wet roads. Still, in that car, it’s hard to imagine he was doing a reasonable speed, and he ended up paying the price.

Sergio Marchionne Ferrari 599 crash

Finally, you might think CEOs of car companies would be the safest drivers on the road. Especially a charismatic, preppy CEO such as Fiat/Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne. But all the way back in 2007, Sergio rear-ended a Renault on a Swiss highway and totalled the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano he was driving.

If it can happen to Sergio, it can happen to any of us. Drive safe this weekend, fellow CarGurus!


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  1. This is the absurd folly of all these overpowered monstrosities running the roads. You see, us ordinary folks can’t afford these freakmobiles, so it’s up to rich celebrities to buy them and prove how unsafe these vehicles are in untrained hands. (and the vast majority of people driving on the roads are viturally unsafe.)
    A simple maneuver in a Ford Escape that starts to go awry can probably corrected by many drivers, but in some of these cars, things happen so fast that only a well trained and practiced high performance driver can handle the situation. I know how that works myself. I’ve got a fair amount of high performance driver training, but was never trained to the highest level of some of the other engineers in my organization. There were many situations that they could handle that I simply wasn’t fast enough and coordinated enough to control.
    Now get on the road where the average driver has absolutely no idea of the physics involved in the motion of his vehicle, and doesn’t understand that anti-lock brakes don’t make your car stop in a shorter distance, that a stability system can’t work in a large percentage of situations, and you can’t control what other drivers are doing on the road. We drive in the midst of a sea of dorks like this every day. Now give them 600 horsepower and a feeling of entitlement and self interest. Well, “WHAM” is the next step.
    And don’t be surprised that Sergio wrecked a Ferrari. I’ve had hundreds of opportunities to host auto executives at ride and drives and I can say without reservation that with very, very few exceptions, they are the WORST drivers in the world.

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