Cars Coming Soon: Kia RWD Sports “Coupe”

Kia RWD sport sedan concept

If you’re a reputable maker of economical but reliable vehicles and want to move up a segment or two, there’s really one thing to do: Build a concept that looks like a Lamborghini.

Kia Motors has established itself as a top automaker, moving from bargain-basement econoboxes to a full range of top-quality vehicle offerings. Currently, Kia’s U.S. lineup tops out with the midsize Kia Optima, but considering sister company Hyundai has the Genesis and Equus, and other countries have the fullsize Kia K9, it’s conceivable that a larger, more luxurious Kia could hit these shores soon.

And if we’re lucky, it might look a little like the Lamborghini Estoque concept.

We’ve known that the Korean automaker would debut some sort of “coupe-like” rear-wheel-drive concept at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, and with the picture above we now have an idea of what it might look like. The concept, which remains nameless, is a rear-wheel-drive, sharply designed four-door “coupe.”

It looks to me like it could be a Kia version of the Hyundai Genesis or Genesis Coupe or even slot somewhere between the Genesis and Equus.

Kia RWD sport sedan concept, front

Kia’s design chief, Peter Schreyer, said, “I believe the car is a strong statement from Kia. We are ready to fast forward to an all-new chapter.”

A “strong statement” to say the least. This concept took some cajones, Mr. Schreyer!

Whatever this car turns out to be, there’s little doubt that Kia hopes to take on some much bigger competition. Forget Honda and Toyota, I’m thinking the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz CLS and Jaguar XF could be in Kia’s crosshairs! More details will surely emerge in the next couple weeks, so this is one Kia we’ll all want to keep an eye on.

Based on design alone, does this Kia concept have what it takes to take on the elites?


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