Cars Coming Soon: Ford’s Vehicular Masterpiece

Ford Evos concept, front quarter

It had me with the headlights.

Two weeks ago Ford released a teaser image of its new concept car, set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I was hooked, and all I could see were the slit-like headlights.

Now Ford has released the full gauntlet of images of its latest concept, the Ford Evos. From a design perspective, I think this car is dang-near perfect. I actually did a double-take the first time I saw it and briefly thought there must have been some kind of mix-up where someone posted pictures of a high-performance Infiniti, extreme Toyota or even a Jaguar concept instead of the Ford.

Not only is the concept you see above pure Ford, it’s a look into the company’s design for the next five years or so. Complaints? Not from me! Keep reading for more info and pictures.

Ford Evos concept, rear, doors openAutoblog says of the design,

While we aren’t likely to see many four-door gullwing hatchbacks in the Ford product line any time soon, chances are that the automaker’s artists will roll in elements like smaller, more discreet headlamps, more vertical hexoganal grille and a sleek silhouette. According to Ford design guru J Mays, the new look is penned, “not to provoke, but to seduce.”

Consider me seduced.

In fact, I could see a new generation of Mustang looking like this. If Ford could create a 500-hp RWD 5.0-liter V8 GT that finally dumps the solid rear axle in favor of an independent suspension and wrap it all in sheetmetal inspired by the Evos, even Camaro fans would be tempted to make the jump to Ford.

Ford Evos concept, rear quarter

The powertrain in the Evos, though, is its one disappointment. Instead of a thunderous V8, or even an EcoBoost V6, the concept has a set of lithium-ion batteries helping out a small gasoline engine. Sounds a bit too Volt-ish for my tastes.

Regardless of the concept’s powertrain, the design future at Ford just got a lot more interesting!

An Evos-inspired Mustang: Yes or no?


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  1. That concept is stunning. If this car were real, and not electric, it would give the FT-86 a good run, if not destroy it!

  2. To be honest, I think I’d buy one of these as it is if the price is reasonable. That car looks awesome, the front end reminds me of Transformers. Although you’re right about the powertrain being a bit disappointing, hopefully they’ll put in at least one of their EcoBoosts in a future model, whether it’s a brand new car or a big refresh of an existing one.

  3. Well, they’ll certainly ruin it by making a 500 hp highway circus freak, but I did a double take too. It’s a great looking car and if they can resist the urge to dumb it down into a frump-mobile, they might have a big winner.

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