Frankfurt Auto Show Promises Exciting Future

Fisker Karma

Few auto shows get my pistons pumping like the affair in Frankfurt.

One of the top international car events, automakers use the Frankfurt International Motor Show to show off their radical concepts and introduce their most exciting new models meant to usher in new eras and create new generations of auto enthusiasts.

This year’s show, which opens to the public on Sept. 15, will be a fantasyland for anyone who’s been watching and waiting for the next big thing in the auto industry. New sports coupes from Kia and Toyota, electric supercars from unknown makers trying to break through, and, of course, wild and crazy experiments from everyone in between.

Let the good times roll!

Toyota FT-86 concept teaser

Most exciting, to me anyway, is the planned unveiling of the next Toyota FT-86 concept, and its twin the Subaru BRZ. Yes, it would be much more exciting if we were finally seeing a production version of the much-hyped sports car, but instead Toyota will show its latest concept. This one should be ligher and faster than the previous concept, which is all good, but we’re more than ready for this thing to hit dealer lots!

Kia GT concept

Kia, too, wants in on the RWD sports coupe party. Apparently heavily influenced by Aston Martin, the GT concept looks to be a stunner that has potential to take some attention away from the FT-86. Slap on an Aston badge and I don’t think anyone would question it.

You don’t hear much about Croatian car companies these days. Rimac Automobili could thrust itself front and center with its Concept One electric hypercar, set to debut on Sept. 13. With 1,088 electric ponies and, get ready for this, 2,800 lb-ft of instant torque, this car, if it lives up to expectations, could turn in a sub-3-second 0-60 run. I hope it comes with a free neck brace.

Also appearing in Frankfurt will be the Jaguar C-X16 concept we gushed over last week, Maserati’s first SUV, the Audi A2 concept, a Fisker Karma shooting brake, the stunning Ford Evos concept and many, many more. It’s like a gathering of all the world’s top celebrities in one place, minus the emotional issues and plastic surgery.

If I had a choice between going to Frankfurt this week or attending an Academy Awards after-party, I’d choose Frankfurt in a second. Would you?


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  1. Ditto, who wants to spend an evening watching hollywood types stoke their egos when you can see some cool iron!!

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