Nissan Super Juke: 480 Horses of Madness

Nissan Super Juke

My son and I like to play a game called Ugliest Car in the World.

It’s quite simple and evolved out of the old Slug Bug game we play. You know the one, where you see any Volkswagen Beetle, call out “Slug bug!” and then punch your friend in the arm. We have all sorts of variants that my son, being the car kid he is, has invented. Ugliest Car in the World is his newest and involves…wait for it…the Nissan Juke.

We first saw the Juke, in person, at an auto show. My son couldn’t believe his wee little eyes, walking around the car and gasping from every angle about its, umm, unconventional looks. Ever since then, every time we see one on the road, he yells, “Ugliest car in the world!” and hits me. It’s fun.

Soon, though, if the rumor is true, a new game called Coolest Car in the World might apply to a new version of the Juke.

I can only assume two engineers at Nissan were caught passing notes and their boss forced one of them to read the message aloud. I imagine that note saying something like this:

“Hey, Jimmy, if I had my way, I’d put the GT-R engine into the Juke! Wouldn’t that be cool? Check the yes or no box.”

Instead of getting in trouble, though, the boss liked the idea. Now, according to Carscoop, the Japanese automaker is prepping a Super Juke that utilizes the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter mill borrowed from the Nissan GT-R.

Ever think you’d read that last sentence? If today were April 1, I’d kick myself for momentarily getting, well, Juked.

While details are still quite iffy right now, the above image is reportedly an official sketch of what we might expect. Even if this thing turns out to be just a concept, it’s seriously cool that Nissan engineers are thinking like real car enthusiasts. It’s almost enough for me to hop onto DealFinder and look for used Jukes, just in case I someday stumble upon a GT-R engine that needs a good home.

I don’t think we’ll stop playing Ugliest Car in the World anytime soon, but maybe we’ll start looking for a Super Juke and imagining other crazy car combos we’d like to see. A Ferrari-powered FIAT? A Maserati MINI? A V12 Vanquish Volkswagen?

If the Super Juke comes to be, anything is possible.

Is a 480-hp Nissan Super Juke a good idea?


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  1. I hate the juke. Like honest to god hate it. But this thing looks insanely cool! Don’t know what it is but I’m loving it. I hope it comes with awd though to handle all that power!

  2. Why not? Given that Nissan has some of the strangest styling in the world (those headlights laying up on the hood will work great in a snow storm)why not make a car that’s pretty much undrivable in any real world situation? Seems like everyone is making them, and there is one practical advantage…. you might be able to kill off a few idiots before they have a chance to breed.

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