Next-Gen 2013 Porsche Boxster Spied

2013 Porsche Boxster

The 2013 Boxster doesn’t look like a Boxster; it looks better. Like the present car, it’s midengine, which is what sports cars, ideally, should be. (Check out our complete and laudatory review here.) Yet because the next-generation car is just hatching, it has inspired foolish, even contradictory comment on the Web.

Discussing the fact that it has appeared without camouflage, Automotorblog (Automoronblog?) said, “to people who fancy one of the finest roadsters out there, seing [sic] it in this condition is like spotting the teacher you fell in love with as a small kid walking out of the shower.”

The car you see above is the Boxster S, out of the shower with 18-inch alloy wheels and all-new body sheet metal. Per AutoExpress, the S version will get the 3.4-liter opposed six or a new smaller, low-emissions turbo four, producing around 270 hp. Autoblog says the four might “pack as much as 360 horsepower courtesy of a little forced induction.”

Car and Driver is less clear on the engine situation, talking about two possible sixes and two possible fours. In such cases of rampant speculation, I go with AutoExpress.

Porsche Boxster, rearWhat else have we learned? The new car gets weight reduction, of course, a 7-speed PDK transmission, an all-new platform and an interior styled more on 911 lines.

The other stuff you can see in the photos: rollbars behind the seats, a big sculpted air intake, LED taillights, etc.

The new Boxster appears to follow the typical Porsche practice of making a good thing better. The old bodywork was getting rather long in the tooth, and the engines needed upgrading.

Yet even now the Boxster remains about the best sports car (in my opinion) you can buy for the money. MSRPs range from about $48,000 to $62,000 and, as you can tell by checking DealFinder, these cars hold their value.

For handling, general “feel” and all-around performance, Boxster’s present car is hard to beat. Maybe the new one will surpass it, but keep tuned for the price, which we can confidently predict will be higher.

The Boxster is not cheap. For $50,000-60,000, what other sports cars would you consider?


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  1. Let me ask you this, if you saw the teacher you fancied as a kid waking out of the shower would your priority be in admiring her looks or thinking about how she’s 20 years older than you and has no interest?

    All I was saying is that the new Boxster looks great, it’s not like it’s going to change the world.

    That’s reason enough for calling me a moron around here it seems. What can I say… Congrats.

  2. Huba huba. The Boxster is the sporty car I’m most likely to buy. A neighbor has a spiffy yellow one for sale and I’m getting tempted. After all, I’m an old geezer, and it’s time to get a sports car or girlfriend. Since I can’t afford both, the car seems cheaper and less trouble.

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