Cars Coming Soon: New Chevy TrailBlazer and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series

Chevy's teaser for the new TrailBlazer

The Chevrolet TrailBlazer, from 2005-2009 at least, was a pretty darn good SUV. Yeah, it developed squeaks and rattles over time, had mediocre materials inside the cabin and didn’t exactly handle like a BMW SUV, but it had powerful engines, a solid build and a comfortable ride.

It also had a nice fanbase and has proven itself on the highways and snow-covered backroads across the country. GM discontinued the rig after the 2009 model year and replaced it with the more upscale and refined Chevy Traverse.

With recent news that the new global Chevy Colorado will be built and sold in the States, Chevrolet has confirmed that a new TrailBlazer may be based on the new compact pickup.

Autoblog says,

Chevrolet officials have not yet offered word on where this vehicle will be built or in which markets it will be available, but given that the Colorado has recently been confirmed for the U.S., we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new TrailBlazer once again plying America’s roads.

Some may question the need for another GM SUV, but I say go for it! I just hope the new version keeps the rugged charm of the previous one.

Speaking of rugged charm, how about the Mercedes-Benz Black Series? Ok, ok…there’s nothing rugged about the super-tuned Black Series, which takes MB’s vaunted AMG cars and turns the volume up to 11.

Next up to receive the Black Series treatment is the C63 AMG. This is good news for super-sedan fans everywhere and the first ever Black Series to have four doors. Expect a 510-horsepower 6.2-liter V8 and a 7-speed automatic gearbox capable of changing gears in one tenth of a second. Fans of manual transmissions may bemoan slushboxes, but seriously, there’s not a left foot in the world that can tap that fast.

In traditional Black Series form, we should see a precision-tuned suspension, massive brakes and a larger air cooler.

In my perfect world, the C63 AMG Black Series would be my daily driver. The TrailBlazer would be nice, too, but the Black Series is simply the stuff of dreams.

In all practicality, which would you rather have: a new TrailBlazer or a C63 AMG Black Series?


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  1. Obviously I’d rather have the C63 AMG Black. The Trailblazer would be nice for the snowy winters here, but with some nice winter tires I’m sure the Mercedes will be fine.

  2. GM just never learns, especially with Bob Lutz back making product recommendations. Remember, Bob is the king of gas guzzlers, with such monstrosities as the Hummer line and the fleet of GM SUV’s that firmly put GM into bankruptcy court. Well, sales are up (a little) and a few albatrosses have been slain (Pontiac, Olds, Saturn, Hummer, Suzuki-GM, Toyota-GM) so it will be right back to building REDUNDANT vehicles.

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