What Used Cars Meet These 8 Criteria?

Who doesn’t like a good bargain?

I’d venture to guess that very few people in this world would be proud to say they paid full price on anything. Especially a car. Maybe there’s a Ferrari fanatic or two out there who would happily gloat about dropping $100K on a pre-owned F430, but the majority of car shoppers have a specific list of requirements they need met in a used vehicle, and they want all those needs satisfied at a bargain price.

People in my family tend to be compulsive car shoppers (and buyers), though my dad has now held onto his 2000 Honda CR-V for somewhere around five years. An eternity.

He asked me what I’d recommend based on his list of 8 requirements. Of course I have my own thoughts and recommendations, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to pass the question along to the other Car Gurus out there. Keep reading for the requirements, which I’m pretty sure apply to many car shoppers, and then chime in on what you think the perfect vehicle would be.

My dad’s email to me said,

We are going to shop for a car to replace the CR-V. What used vehicles are out there that offer:

  1. Good reliability
  2. Lots of comfort
  3. AWD
  4. Good gas mileage
  5. Dual climate controls
  6. Sunroof
  7. Power accessories
  8. All at a bargain price

What constitutes comfort, good mpg and a bargain price is open for interpretation. Some people might search DealFinder for a used $50K Porsche Cayenne as a comfy-riding bargain, others would stick with a $5,000 Kia Sportage. That I will leave to you…

What car would you buy that meets all the above criteria?


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  1. Jeez… you don’t want a car, you want a miracle! a 30 mpg awd suv… I’d look pretty closely at a used Outback or Forester. The Volvos mentioned above might work (not the XC90 for the mpg).
    The Nissan Rogue might actually be a good choice, or, why not… the Ford Escape Hybrid.

  2. OK, here is the thing about my requirements for a replacement vehicle…
    Dual Climate control is for the survival of my 37 year marriage. I wear no coat during a 20 degree day while my wife (Travis’s mom) has several layers on, multiple socks, gloves and a scarf – all with the heat on high. During the hot summer months, I want all the windows up and the A/C on warp-speed high. Travis’s mom wants the windows down with no A/C on. You can see where this is going – dual climate control is not an option – it’s a requirement
    An AWD-SUV is needed due to our 96″ snowfall winters – we need good ground clearance as well as all-wheel traction.
    I am 6′,230lbs and Travis’s mom is 5’4″, 120lbs, we need a vehicle that adjusts well to both sizes – with comfort for road trips.
    MPG – I want 30mpg or more to keep fuel costs down. Simple
    Oh yea, all at a bargain price. Any other suggestions?

  3. You know what I would look at… A used Volvo xc70 or xc90. Or maybe a used land rover freelander. Or even a highlander if you’re the hyper practical type.

  4. TOYOTA MATRIX is a great car… OK, no dual climate control, but it really isn’t needed

  5. Is he looking for a car or an SUV? If he is looking for a used car in like the 2004-2005 range, I would highly reccomend the 04 or 05 volkswagen passat. If he wants to go with the all wheel drive he can get the 4motion version. I’m a tall guy and I have plenty of space to be comfortable and still have room for backseat passengers as well. They arent that expensive either, seeing as two more generations of passats have come out since then. and of all the criteria you have listed, I believe it meets all of them. its reliable, comfortable, you can get AWD if you get one with 4motion, If your not a lead foot you can get easily over 30 mpg’s highway (i’ve taken it easy at times and gotten up to a 35 avg.) not sure about dual climate control since mine doesnt have it, but i’m sure the option was there for these years, has sunroof/moonroof, all power accessories, and as I said can be bought for a great price!!! Hope I helped a bit

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