Porsche Parking System: Flying Cars Have Arrived

When Porsche designs something, you can bet it’s going to be amazing. From sunglasses and watches to luggage and smartphones, Porsche Design has long been dabbling in products outside the auto realm.

Porsche Design Group was spun off from the German automaker in 2003 and handles Porsche accessories and licensing. While kitchen lighting and knife sets are interesting pieces in a luxury home, nothing compares with the ultimate Porsche-designed convenience: the $560 million Porsche Design Tower in Miami, complete with a parking garage that makes cars fly.

Proposed Porsche Design Tower

Building a high-rise luxury condo tower in a densely populated city creates an obvious parking challenge. That’s because surface parking is non-existent and traditional parking garages are too pedestrian. Plus, buyers of luxury condos are often rich, and we all know rich people have a lot of cars. To solve the parking problem, the developer of the Porsche Design Tower will include a robotic parking deck built in. The idea is simple, though the execution is not:

Condo owners drive their car into a garage of sorts and onto a ramp. The ramp then catapults car and driver upward while they enjoy unrestricted city and ocean views, and then delivers them safely at their front door where the car is stored until it’s time to run the next errand. Condos come with space for up to four cars, which is more garage parking than what’s available in most suburban houses.

The condo building will have 132 units over 57 stories and include 284 robotic parking spaces and three glass-enclosed elevators. Units cost up to $9 million and boast up to 9,500 square feet. Perhaps best of all, owners will have views of their parked cars from their living rooms.

No word on if the garage includes an automatic car wash during the ride up, but I hope so, because who wants to stare at a dirty 911 GT2 RS?

The parking technology is similar, if not identical, to the design of Volkswagen’s Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. Pictured on top of this story, the Autostadt is a 20-story robotic parking garage that VW uses to deliver cars to new buyers.

Do you see any drawbacks to this Porsche-designed car elevator system?


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  1. This is just scary. 3 lifts for 284 parking spots? I don’t think these richies will appreciate getting home and waiting in line for 45 minutes just to park their car and get home. And no kidding, what happens the power goes out? Or there’s an emergency requiring quick evacuation? A traditional parking garage, staffed by helpful valets who can bring cars curbside, which have a lot more appeal. This is cool for a factory or manufacture setting or as a tourist attraction, but a residential parking garage? Pu-lease.

  2. Those rich people are going to be upset when it breaks down, there is a power failure or at busy times when ten people show up and there is only one picker. Smart rich people would go with the “pedestrian” parking structure and valet service.

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