Three Car Rumors That Refuse to Die

Ford Evos concept

Someday, when humans die off and are replaced by a superior race, future archaeologists will dig up skeletons of our modern cars and be amazed at how advanced a civilization we were. They’ll marvel at the BMW M5 and wonder how it must have sounded. They’ll stumble across the C7 Corvette and wonder why it never fulfilled its destiny. They’ll find a Mustang, and say, “This would have been amazing, if only…”

Then they’ll stumble across a Lexus LFA and write in their journals that although humans are gone, at least they figured out automotive perfection before being done in.

There’s also a good chance they’ll hear about the best automotive rumors of our time and start buzzing all over again about the slightest possibility that, somehow, they’ll be resurrected.

Rumor number 1: A midengine C7 Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray concept

The C7 was supposed to be the one that finally fulfilled the Corvette’s destiny. A midengine ‘Vette would give Ferrari a run for its money and finally legitimize America’s supercar as a global contender. Alas, we’ll wait. Perhaps C8?

Rumor number 2: An LFA-powered GS

Lexus GS-F Sport

Autocar reports that Lexus wants an M5 fighter and that the vehicle will make use of a version of the wailing V10 found at the heart of the Lexus LFA. That sounds awfully good to us, but only time will separate rumor from fact.

Rumor number 3: Independent-rear-suspension Ford Mustang

Ford Evos concept

If we got wiped out tomorrow, humans would be remembered as the race that never moved the Mustang away from a solid rear axle. The rumor has survived through virtually every refresh of the iconic car, but never materialized. At this point, it probably doesn’t matter. Just look at the new Shelby GT 500 for proof. Still, rumors persist that perhaps the next Mustang will finally go with an IRS. We’ll see.

I hope.

Which of these three rumors would you most like to see come true?


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  1. Everything you mention epitomizes old school Detroit. Corvettes and Mustangs are blunt instruments designed and produced by OWMs (old white men) for OWM’s. As the generation that established these long running products is starting to run off the edge of the cliff, their cars will go with them. The soon to come global fuel crisis will spell the end to testosterone-soaked products like V-10’s, which will be legislated out of existence even for the arrogant rich, followed by the demise of the privately-owned automobile. Certainly not in my liftime, but most likely in a younger person’s. Not a bad thing, either, because the future folks you mention will actually talk about the dumb apes and how they fouled their own nest and drowned in their poisons, taking most other species with them.

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