SSC Tuatara a Hot Hit in Dubai

SSC Tuatara

The hottest car in all the land might be the Shelby Supercars Tuatara.

Put some swept-back wings on the thing, and you’ve got a road-ready F-16, only faster and better looking. The Tuatara looks exotic even in the company of exotics. It’s more intergalactic spaceship than car. That’s not just me saying so, either, as the supercar connoisseurs in the deserts of Dubai have voted for the Tuatara to the tune of $13 million. This thing is going to be hot!

SSC’s head honcho, Jerod Shelby, brought the Tuatara to the Dubai Motor Show hoping to secure a distributor for the region and earn some brand recognition. Instead he secured 10 buyers for the $1.3 million super-exotic. Not bad for a little carmaker based in a quiet corner of rural Washington state.

SSC Tuatara

We can hardly blame Tuatara buyers for dropping their stashes of millions on this coupe. Aside from looking brilliant, it will deliver 1,350 horsepower from its 6.6-liter V8. That much power should enable the Jason Castriota-designed car to blister through the 0-200 mph sprint in just 16 seconds and power on up to a top speed of 275 mph.

Take that, Bugatti.

If the Tuatara goes any faster than the Veyron Grand Sport’s 267.8 mph, it’ll take the record for World’s Fastest Production Car back to Washington. And it should hold onto it for a while, too, since the Veyron has ceased production and its replacement won’t likely be capable of such insane speeds.

While the Tuatara was a massive hit, it didn’t quite outsell the Lamborghini Aventador, which saw 14 copies head out the door.

Most of us will never even see a Tuatara in person, but if you had the money, would you buy one?


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  1. Well, I could find much better things to do with that much money, but I’m sure I could squeeze out a Ferrari in there somewhere.
    The Tuatara takes me back to the early 1980’s when I started working at GM Research Labs. They had a great warehouse where a small fleet of GM concept cars were stored, including all three Firebirds– I, II and III, all of which were very much the predecessors to the Tuatara. The Firebird I looked the most like a rocket. There were some other interesting cars there like GM’s fluidized coal burner (honest) and the stillborn gas turbine that so many of my coworkers had worked on.
    As far as the Tuatara goes, it’s so extreme it looks like a Hotwheels toy, but I’m sure the rich Arabs will find the outskirts of Dubai a perfect place to wring it out, providing they don’t hit a camel.

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