Cars Coming Soon: smart To Unveil a Pint-Size Pickup

Smart for-us concept

I’ve lamented the loss of the medium-size truck many times on these virtual pages. While I think the size of the 1999 Toyota Tacoma is perfect for my needs, there just aren’t any modern options available currently.

That should begin to change as the new Chevy Colorado hits dealers. But what if that ends up being too big? smart thinks it has the answer to that question. But is anybody really asking?

If the thought of a smart pickup has you busting a gut with laughter, you’re not alone. The company’s diminutive fortwo at least makes sense as a city commuter car, even if it does generate pointing and laughing as it buzzes through the streets. That’s not an exaggeration, either—I was next to one yesterday on the drive home and passed an elementary school as the kids exited the building. Nearly all pointed and were visibly humored at the sight of the smart.

The smart brand has a one-car lineup, so what business does it have building a truck? That’s not the next logical progression in the stable of vehicle offerings. In its statement announcing the truck concept, called the smart for-us, at least the company acknowledged the silliness of it all:

In a tongue-in-cheek manner, the for-us signals that this is the right car for the young-at-heart with active lives who attach importance to low emissions and taking up minimum road space.

And, apparently, people with a need to haul Lincoln Logs around town.

In all seriousness, the truck will come in under 140 inches long and be able to haul two bicycles in the bed. With the tailgate down. There’s also the tired old bit of being able to nearly hide the entire vehicle in the bed of a full-size American truck. I can see the ad campaign already.

The concept features an all-electric drivetrain that produces a mighty 73 horsepower. The smart for-us will debut at January’s Detroit Auto Show.

I can’t imagine the smart for-us being a hot seller. Can you?


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  1. Well, they can call it a truck all they want, but that doesn’t make it so. It’s just another attempt to create a variation of a vehicle that is too extreme to be a success. This new version is even more extreme, but I’m sure they’ll sell a few to the pierced tattoo crowd who want to be different even if everyone is laughing at them.

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