Man Wins Lamborghini, Man Crashes Lamborghini

Lamborghini winner

Regular people shouldn’t have access to supercars.

The reason supercars cost so much is so regular Joe Schmo can never afford to buy one. Ever. Because everyone knows that if Mr. Schmo ever got his foot into the accelerator pedal of a supercar, there’s a high likelihood that he’d kill himself. Or someone else. Or spin out, fall off a roadway and end up stranded in a field.

The people who can afford supercars typically aren’t any better at driving, but at least they can afford the track time or driving lessons. Joe Schmo will just test his new machine on public suburban roads, and that never ends well.

A chain of convenience  stores in Utah had the brilliant idea to give away a Lamborghini, calling its promotion the “Joe Schmo to Lambo” contest. The winner, Frito-Lay truck driver David Dopp, took home a lime-green, 631-hp Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.

Now, you might imagine that a guy who drives a truck stuffed with assorted snacks all day would crave the power and nimbleness offered by an Italian exotic. But that doesn’t mean he knows how to control it.

Just a few hours after accepting his prize, the car was backwards in a grassy field after skidding off the road in the middle of a turn.

According to Motoramic, the accident happened less than 6 hours after the car was delivered. Dopp says he was going between 40 and 50 mph in a 35-mph zone when the wreck occurred. As you might imagine, Dopp’s mood swung from pure elation to panicked depression mighty fast. The damage, which is currently being assessed, will certainly be an expensive fix but could have been much worse. The car’s oil pan was punctured, and the rear bumper was damaged, but that seems to be all.

In what might be the least surprising statement ever, Dopp said he “just wasn’t used to the power of a supercar.” Of course he wasn’t. None of us are. That’s why they are called “supercars” and priced well out of our reach. If you want to drive one, do it for the first time in the proper place and with the proper instruction.

Otherwise, disaster awaits.

Have you ever driven a supercar? Would you for the first time on public roads?


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  1. Driven a few on public roads (w12, Bentley,m3,super charged Camaro etc)no problem but here in South Africa the roads can be challenging even in A 4×4 :-) lol!!!

  2. The M3 was the finest performance car I’ve ever driven. And for a steering guy, it had the best steering I’ve ever had the pleasure to drive. (And oddly, the 5-series with active front steering was the worst, it constantly wanted to drive you across the centerline and into a head-on). Very powerful and smooth, great brakes and transmission, and predictable, even-tempered handling. Slightly cramped inside for an old fat guy, and forget about the back seat. (We didn’t have one, we took it out for the roll bar.)

  3. A 17-year-old in a GTR? Wow. I guess, with cars like these, it’s training more than age that matters. I hope that 17-year-olds dad has properly taught him.
    I’d be more inclined to drive an M3 than a Lambo… something road friendly but still mind-bending!

  4. Never had the pleasure but I’ve been able to drive some pretty high performers like Corvettes and M3’s, and they can become a handfull pretty quick. I had a friend who went to Ferrari to iron out a problem with our MR shock absorbers, and was taken for a ride by a Ferrari factory driver on public roads in a rain. Now he’s a really good test driver and experienced track competitor, and he says the Ferrari driver was the only person he ever found who could scare the cr-p out of him in a car.

  5. Ive driven a gt2 on public roads and it was just like driving my dad’s car. Btw im only 17. If u crash a car thts fast it meens nothing, the guy was clearly just a dumbass

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