Crunched Cars for Christmas: Planned and Unplanned

Tropical Chevrolet, Miami

Cars are not forever, but some of us get upset when they crash, get crunched or are otherwise destroyed. Of course. We are attached to cars, even when they aren’t ours. So here are three stories of Christmastime crunches that will surely tug at your heartstrings.

A couple of weeks ago at 3 a.m., a speeding drunk driver demolished at least three brand-new Corvettes on the lot of Tropical Chevrolet in Miami Shores, Fla. Naturally, the guy sustained only minor injuries, as the cars did not.

This is the second time that Tropical has gotten creamed. In 2007, a Corvette driver landed on top of four Suburbans, valued at over $300,000, and again the driver survived intact.

Several possible conclusions here: 1. Don’t drink and drive. 2. Somebody really has it in for Tropical. 3. The Corvette driver was extremely annoyed at the Service Department.

Flood-damaged HondasA different kind of crunch story comes from Honda, which announced it was destroying over 1,000 cars damaged in the recent Thailand floods. “The move was taken to restore public confidence” and prevent flood-damaged cars or parts from being resold.

In fact, Honda could really restore public confidence by building better cars. Look at these poor babies (above), with their wiper blades in the air, waving goodbye to the world.

Finally comes the moving story of Corky Yeager, VW collector extraordinaire, who had 800-odd broken and battered Volkswagens in his Sunray Bugs junkyard in Central Florida.

What Corky didn’t tell you is that his business lost its long legal fight with Pasco County, which cleaned him out, finally, on December 16. There looked to be some rare and restorable cars here, as reported by Hemmings, plus a lot of rusted metal and leaking fluids.

Well, who are we to stand in the way of environmental cleanup? As Ronald Reagan used to say for General Electric, “Progress is our most important product.”

Along with cars that you won’t see on DealFinder.

Which of these stories of car destruction made you sad—or mad?


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  1. Well, there’s no shortage of Corvettes. I’d much rather see some spud take out new ones than crashing a classic Vette. The Honda story isn’t sad at all, flood-damaged cars should be required by law to be junked. There were thousands of horror stories here in the USA after Katrina when scammers started selling the damaged cars out of state. And the Beetle junk yard? How about the poor people living near this thing, likely with polluted well water and soil full of heavy metals? If the operator bothered to conduct his business responsibly, there wouldn’t have been a problem. Usually places like this are hazmat eyesores that are too extreme to feature on Hoarders.

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