Cars Coming Soon: A Lighter Ford F-150 and the Lexus LF-LC Concept

Lexus LF-LC concept

Practicality versus sexiness is usually not a hard decision for me.

So when it came to make a decision to write about the next Ford F-150 or the incredibly sexy Lexus LF-LC concept, I knew right away the Lexus would run away with the honors of being the subject of my cunning wit.

But, darnit, the ol’ reliable Ford appears to be getting even more practical, and it’s just too hard to ignore. So in this week’s edition of Cars Coming Soon, you get both: practicality and sexiness.

The next-generation F-Series will hit the market in 2014. In an effort to keep its title of Best Selling Truck in America, the perennial powerhouse will try to shed some weight. That, combined with the EcoBoost engine, will surely give a nice jump in fuel economy and make the practical pickup an even better buy.

Ward’s Auto says Ford will shave weight by ditching some stamped-steel body parts and replacing them with aluminium panels. That’s a move we should see a lot more of in the coming years as Ford, and other car companies, try to eke out every mpg they can find. As much controversy as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy program gets, you can be sure that’s exactly what has inspired moves like this.

But enough with practicality. Let’s get to the good stuff. And by that, I direct you to the photo at the top this story. That’s the Lexus LF-LC concept, and it is glorious.

Toyota’s Calty Design Research facility in California was asked to come up with a new concept, but with extremely limited direction. According to Road & Track,

Only a few written attributes were given as criteria: avant-garde beauty, originality, driving joy and unequaled technology.

And company president Akio Toyoda put in his two cents, requiring the car to “have the ‘wow’ factor.”

Umm… wow.

Lexus spent a year and a half designing this car and included details rarely seen on concepts destined for auto-show floors. Even the interior is finished, with designs stitched into the leather door panels that reinforce the car’s exterior design language, which Lexus calls “tumbling ribbon.” (Minus 2 points for giving a sweet design a lame name.)

Lexus LF-LC concept

Then there’s the car’s instrument panel, which looks straight out of an alien spacecraft. Seriously, I’ve seen sci-fi movies that aren’t as impressive as this looks.

Lexus will debut its latest concept on January 9 at the Detroit Auto Show, at which point we’ll know what lurks behind that glorious front end.

Which would you put in your garage: the practical Ford F-150 or the sexy Lexus LF-LC?


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  1. I always expect to see those little murderous aliens from the SAW movies to start piling out of those Japanese concept cars. I can’t see sexy in something that looks like a giant electric shaver.

    Interesting that Ford will be going to some aluminum body panels to save weight. The real problem is that the vast majority of people who buy F150’s really don’t need a vehicle that size, and that’s what needs to be addressed.

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