Cars Coming Soon: Looking Deeper Into the Next Acura NSX

Acura NSX concept

Yesterday, a great injustice was done.

The Acura NSX concept, a car that fanboys and serious enthusiasts alike have mourned since its demise while patiently longing for its return, was blasphemed by one of our own.

Yes, the car will officially go into production again, though not quite in the same form as the quintessential and utterly perfect original. This is big news, yet 23 words is all it took for jgoods to crash the party and turn the excitement about the car’s return into a head-shaking episode of wondering what went wrong.

He said,

Acura took the best-looking car it ever produced, the NSX, and turned it into a grinning jumble of front-end design clichés.

You know what? He’s right. It’s ugly as sin. But there’s more to the NSX story.

The question is, should this new car be called an NSX? Because for all intents and purposes, it is not like the NSX we all came to love.

The first Acura NSX was the epitome of Japanese design, quality and performance. Between 1990 and 2005, some would argue that there was no better car on the planet. To say there were high hopes for the next NSX would be a vast understatement. To succeed, three things would seemingly have to be in place for the successor to the greatest Japanese car ever built:

  1. It would need to feature exotic but understated style.
  2. It would need to produce exhilarating performance from a powerful engine while being as comfortable to drive as an Accord.
  3. It would need to be built in Japan.

Three strikes.

The style of this new NSX is anything but understated. I think jgoods described the front end better than I could have. In profile, the car looks much better, but still too much Ferrari and not enough classic NSX.

Acura NSX concept

Performance-wise, all we know so far is to expect a hybrid powertrain. Disappointing, to say the least, considering America’s waning interest in the gas/electric combo.

Finally, it was reported that the next NSX would be built in… Ohio. Is nothing sacred anymore? A heartland-bred Acura supercar is like a Koenigsegg built in Kansas.

Without a doubt, the new Acura NSX will pump plenty of power and be a thrill to drive. Lots of cars can say that, though. It takes something special to be an NSX, and I’m afraid this car won’t have it.

Will the new Acura NSX be a worthy successor to the original?


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  1. It’s funny you mention Ferrari because if you think back the the original NSX (a friend and I test drove one at the then-new Acura dealer), the car probably resembled a Ferrari Testa Rosa more than anything else. The new NSX looks much more up to date and has the form factor more resembling something like an Aston Martin. I personally don’t care for it, and would like to see something that captured the simplicity of the original NSX design rather than the Japanese Mysterions styling that seems to the the norm for Acura these days. At least Chevy isn’t the only badge suffering from brand managers who want to make everything look like a different size version of the same car.

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