Chevrolet Corvette C7 Seen Testing in the Snow

Probably not the next Corvette

This frozen Friday just got a little more fun.

Speculation regarding the next Corvette has run the gamut, from the car evolving to a midengine supercar to the rebirth of the famous split-window Stingray. Yes, there are high hopes for the next ‘Vette.

The odds are pretty good that Chevy won’t surprise us with a midengine car. But we could see a small-displacement turbocharged V8 under the hood, in addition to a few other V8 options. Whatever Chevy offers, we can be sure it’ll be amazing and can’t wait to see the improvements on the already superior Z06 and ZR1 variations.

Until now, the design of the C7 Corvette has been a complete mystery. It still is, mostly, but the first spy shots, courtesy of the good folks at KGP Photography, of the anticipated and elusive halo car have emerged. The pictures show a vinyl-clad beast clawing through the snow with familiar black-white camo bits poking out from under the vinyl armor.

Do the pictures answer any questions? Of course! We know for sure that the engine will remain in the front and a split rear window isn’t in the cards. We don’t know how the interior has been improved, though, or how the sheet metal will hug the frame. The guys at Jalopnik are pretty sure they’ve figured out the exterior design and have some cool renderings.

C7 Chevrolet Corvette spy shot

We also know for sure the exhaust will shift to a straight line of four center-mounted pipes, at least in the trim level caught testing.

C7 Chevrolet Corvette spy shot, rear

In profile, I see some Ferrari 599 influence, which is not a bad thing.

C7 Chevrolet Corvette spy shot, profile

We can expect the next Corvette to continue a slow strip tease over the next few months. Whatever you think of the ‘Vette, there’s no question the C7 will be a much-improved car over the current version. Maybe even better than any previous Corvette.

Will the C7 Corvette be the best one ever?


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  1. You really need to actually look at a C6! Some problems with your statements. 1. Corvette C6 has a high power to weight ratio, avoids gas guzzler tax with efficient V8 engine. 2. Uses large amount of composites for these weight savings. 3. Simplicity saves money in production costs and your pocket. 4. Corvette uses advanced technologies prior to other manufactures, the problem is they dont brag endlessly about one thing they did since they have several. As far as sales dwindling you may want to actually compare sales of other sports cars existing and dead in its segment. People with money will always pay for toys! @ Randy

  2. Just to quote you: “We don’t know how the interior has been improved, though, or how the sheet metal will hug the frame.” Corvette has a fiberglass body.

    As for yet another generation of Corvette, I’m pretty sure we won’t see anything interesting or daring from Chevy. The Corvette is a blunt instrument as sports cars go– a big, heavy, front-engine, rear-drive, overpowered, squeeky, rattling 1954 design that’s added an independent rear suspension as the only fundamental improvement on the basic platform. I don’t think you’ll ever see much change with the Corvette because even GM engineers understand that as gas prices escalate towards $5 and $6 per gallon, spending major amounts to develop a modern sports platform like mid-engine just isn’t going to happen as sales dwindle. That coupled with the fact that GM doesn’t seem able to develop much of anything beyond the basic front engine, rear drive muscle car, body on frame truck, and unibody front drive sedan.

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