Cars Coming Soon: A Lamborghini Surprise in Geneva

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Will we finally meet a Lamborghini SUV? A Raging Bull family sedan? An Aventador roadster?

All are possibilities, and, from what we hear, the Geneva Motor Show in March will finally confirm (or deny) the presence of at least two new Lambo models.

That’s big news, and would double the lineup of the two-car exotic automaker. It shouldn’t be too surprising, though, coming from a brand owned by ultra-ambitious Volkswagen.

How exciting will these two new models be? Let’s explore the options.

The least exciting option is simply another special edition or two of the Gallardo. If that’s what Lamborghini pulls the sheets off in March, we can all respond with a collective yawn.

Moving up the excitement meter would be the aforementioned Aventador roadster. Word is the 700-hp topless wonder is all ready to go. A March debut would provide plenty of fodder for daydreams of cruising roofless in the warmer spring and summer months.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento concept

A production version of the Sesto Elemento concept is a firm possibility, too. If that’s the case, expect an extremely limited run of the track-only supercar. No, strike that, hypercar. I don’t think there would be any disappointment if Lambo rolled out the roadster and Elemento in Geneva.

Lamborghini Estoque concept

My money, though, is on an all-new surprise. Perhaps a replacement for the aging Gallardo. Or, to take things even farther, maybe the bombshell we’ve all been waiting for: a crossover SUV or a sedan. If Lamborghini does have such a vehicle in the works, Geneva is the place to show it off! It should leave the predictable debuts to the smaller shows.

Even if you weren’t able to afford one, would you be interested in seeing Lamborghini build an SUV or a sedan?


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  1. It doesn’t really matter what Lamborghini does. I certainly enjoy reading about the cars, but will never drive one. An SUV seems way out of range, I hope they don’t go down that route, but if they do it’ll be guaranteed to be like nothing else!

  2. In a way, it’s too bad that Lambo has had to become so extreme to get any attention these days. They used to have some pretty cool and drivable cars, like the mid-60’s 350 GT’s and I think if an Espada is good enought for James Bond to drive, it’s good enough for me. Seems like they got off the track with the Diablo, and haven’t made a real street car since.

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