Friday Craziness: Obama’s Million Dollar Chrysler and BMW’s Checkmate

2005 Chrysler 300

Check the CarGurus used car listings for a 2005 Chrysler 300, and you will find plenty of examples priced somewhere around $11,000-$14,000. Do some negotiating and you can probably score one even cheaper.

So what would make a bone-stock 300 worth a million bucks? Nothing. Not even if said car transported Tom Brady to the Super Bowl while spewing magical golden fairy dust from the exhaust.

2005 Chryslers just don’t sell for a million dollars, regardless of who drove them. So it’s with surprise that I show you this ad:

Obama car on eBay

President Barack Obama once leased the 300 in this ad, and the seller is dead set on making a cool million (at least) because of that fact. Never mind the fact that Obama drove it while he was an Illinois state senator and traded it back in 2007. Or that the hearse that carried John F. Kennedy’s body in Dallas after his 1963 assassination recently sold for just $160,000.

Craig Jackson, president of the Barret-Jackson auto auction company, told CNN Money,

Maybe this car would be worth $50,000 to $100,000.

Regardless of opinions on how well the president has performed in the Oval Office, the car isn’t worth anywhere near a million dollars. Not even if he happened to go down in history as the greatest president the U.S. has ever seen. The Beast, though, might be a different story.

In other news, I share this snapshot from a billboard duel in Santa Monica, Calif., between Audi and BMW. I’d explain it, but I think simply letting the picture do the talking is way better.

BMW ad

Does the fact that Obama drove a 2005 Chrysler 300 make that car worth a million dollars? What would you pay for it?


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Used Chrysler 300

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  1. There’s no shortage of idiots and crooks on ebay hoping that someone with lots of money and no brain will make then rich. For some perspective, note the recent auction of the hearse that carried President Kennedy’s body to the airport in Dallas (sold for $176,000). One of the Cadillac limos that was used by Kennedy sold for $429,000. The Lincoln the Kennedy’s were using in Dallas is owned and displayed at The Henry Ford museum in Detroit. Most folks don’t realize that most Presidential limos are owned by the car companies and return to their possession when retired. The assassination car stayed in the White House fleet into the 1970’s and was donated to the museum by Ford Motors.

    As for Obama’s personal car, it might be worth a few thousand extra because it was owned by a president.

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