Reports of a New Mk 7 GTI

2012 Volkswagen GTI

A true sports car for the masses—that is, people who can actually afford to buy it—the VW Golf GTI has been a winning car since its introduction in 1975.

My son owned two of them—one an older, beat-on Mk 1 (first generation, early ‘80s), the second a Mk 3 (2002, with a V6). I had a 2003 with a 2-liter four. We had “contests”: His went faster in a straight line, of course; mine was better cornering, without all that front-end weight and oversteer.

Anyway, VW greatly improved the next generation of the car with the Mk 5 (2004), and it has gotten consistently better since. The most recent Mk 6 is shown above.

Now we hear of a Mk 7 coming most likely in 2013, which will supposedly be all new and based on something called the MQB platform—lighter, stronger, easier to build. Some are predicting an increased power-weight ratio of 6.5 percent and 230 hp with 260 lb-ft of torque.

The new GTI will be about 220 pounds lighter than the regular Golf, and the new car will have better traction and handling, says TopGear, with new suspension and steering. A new diesel TDI version is also in the works.

The MQB platform will not only cost less, but will be a big deal for VW. The project

spans and integrates every transverse-front-engined model from a Polo to a Passat, including all the brands and several crossovers. It includes components, systems, design processes and factories far more than ever before.

2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI, interiorAs Georg Kacher noted, the Golf (on which the GTI is based) is VW’s bread-and-butter car, and the company has to get it right. His article includes spy photos that indicate some subtle changes from the present Mk 6 car, though they are hard to detect under all the camouflage.

Bottom line is that the car will appear at the Paris Motor Show in September, where we will finally be able to see what the bloody thing looks like.

There are a couple of good photo/text histories of the GTI here and here.

Any GTI drivers out there? Tell us whether you like(d) the car or not.


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  1. Have had four GTI’s. I hate VW stealers in the US. I also hate how fast the car depriciates in value. They are way overpriced for the US market. That’s why I now drive a BMW 335i (Hate BMW stealers even worse than VW). But, if they can make the new car and it is the improvment y’all say and it comes in under $28,000.00 US I’ll buy one. But I ain’t payin’ over $30,000.00 for a VW (any model) they just depriciate too fast. But I’ve had three new ones: 2003, 2007 & 2009, and one used one: 2000. Good reliability on the new ones. I did have some problems with the 2000 VR-6 as it was built in Brazil. I will only buy ones made in Germany from now on. Nothing from Mexico!

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