Range Rover Evoque Convertible: “World’s First Premium Convertible SUV”

Range Rover Evoque convertible

Yes, the press release indeed called it “the world’s first premium convertible SUV,” and that’s just what the world needs, right? A concept in name only (for Geneva), the Range Rover Evoque Convertible has been seen on a London street and appears headed for production.

Let’s get you the important information first:

Inside, the concept is packed with Evoque’s award winning technology including Terrain Response, surround cameras, Park Assist and class leading infotainment featuring an 8-inch dual view touch screen and a sound system from British audio experts, Meridian. The Evoque Convertible Concept features unique 21-inch Titan silver wheels and is finished in a new metallic Causeway Grey paint. The interior is in Lunar and Ivory with leather seats featuring sporty perforated panels and Ivory contrast stitching.

It also can be had with a 150-hp 2.2-liter diesel or a 240-hp 2-liter gasoline engine.

Now, since we are all good amateur car marketers—or think we are—let’s pursue three different scenarios for buyers of this entirely frivolous machine.

1. Maude buys it for showing off to her rich London girl friends, picking them up at Harrod’s and going to lunch in Mayfair. There are no potholes in that part of London, so Terrain Response will not be used. Nor will the Meridian sound system, as talk and chit-chat will dominate.

2. Salina will have a similar day with her Evoque Convertible on Rodeo Drive. She and Carisma will be counting to see how many heads turn to look at them as they parade up and down the three-block sector while making cute, cutting comments about how people look and what lousy dates they had last night.

3. Elliott drives his Evoque Convertible to the golf club in Mamaroneck, because his Jag XK is in the shop, again. He is in a sour mood about the Jaguar and having to drive his wife’s silly-looking car, which, if he put the top up (it’s starting to rain), would look even sillier. He has a momentary fantasy about driving this thing through the sand traps surrounding the 12th green.

That’s about as much off-roading as the Evoque Convertible is ever likely to get.

The Evoque Convertible may of course sell in other market segments as well. Any ideas on which ones?


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  1. ugh. just about as ugly as the bleach blonde trophy wives who will drive them. A nice $25,000 gas guzzler/conspicuous consumption/stupid car tax would be nice.

  2. It sure seems like the Nissan Murano CrossCabrioet also claimed being the worlds first premium convertible suv. Both can lay claim to Rodeo Drive, and stay there, as far as I’m concerned.

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