Cars Coming Soon: a Bentley Hybrid SUV, Hyundai i-oniq Concept Coupe

A Bentley hybrid SUV?

Bentley currently offers two models to anyone wealthy enough to afford to keep the gas tank full. The Mulsanne, which carries an EPA rating of 11 miles per gallon in the city, and the Continental, which gets an even lower rating of 8.

So when Bentley teases a hybrid, you’ll excuse me for some obnoxious snorting laughter. What would it hope to achieve, 13 mpg?

A hybrid Bentley makes about as much sense as ordering a Diet Coke along with your deep-fried McRib sandwich. You’re not saving any calories.

It gets even weirder when said hybrid Bentley is an SUV.

Next week’s Geneva Motor Show will offer plenty of world debuts, though perhaps none as contradictory as Bentley’s first-ever SUV, which Chief Exec Wolfgang Dürheimer hopes accounts for 25,000 sales over its life cycle. But Autoblog says

the model is rumored to incorporate what would not only be the company’s first hybrid propulsion system, but a plug-in one at that, relegating the engine (which you can bet will still be Bentley big) to also-ran status.

None of what Bentley is planning fits with its current brand. Bentley does not represent SUVs, and it doesn’t do hybrid. So why combine these things with what Bentley does do well, a big powerful engine? I suppose, in order to stay relevant in the coming years, it needs to show that it can feign an interest in the environment to pacify loaded socialites who complain about global warming while drinking Diet Coke and eating deep-fried McRibs.

I guess there are some things in this world I’ll never understand.

How about something positive?

For that, we look to Hyundai and the hot new i-oniq concept. We don’t have much to go on here, but from the looks of things Hyundai has a stunner in the works. Part Veloster, part Genesis Coupe and part futuristic awesomeness, this concept uses an electric motor helped out by a small gasoline engine. The i-oniq seems to fit exactly what Hyundai stands for these days. I even love the name.

Which car makes more sense to you, the Bentley hybrid SUV or the Hyundai i-oniq concept?


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  1. Neigher one makes much sense. The Bently is one of those jokes that wealthy people make about those who need to be concerned about fuel prices– you know, the rest of us. Wonder what the dumb-axx buyers will make when they pay 20 or 30k more for the hybrid stickers and STILL get slapped with the gas guzzler tax? The Hyundai follows the Chevy Volt model and we all know that they can’t field a car like this at any price that makes economic sense, so why saddle yourelf with all that battery space and complicated equpment? I’d be much more impressed with a superlight concept built for 50+mpg and looking great while doing it. Are you starting to realize from this steady stream of clueless concept vehicles that the auto manufacturers aren’t very bright?

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