2013 Ford Mustang GT Is Muscle-Car Madness

2013 Ford Mustang GT

A guy I once worked with recently traded his car for 100 pizzas.

For him it was a great deal, because he locked in a price on his favorite food. The pizza guy scored a deal on a fuel-efficient ’98 Civic to replace a fuel-guzzling delivery van. Some might call it a win-win, others might say the deal is pure madness. One thing for sure, a car’s future barter value might be something to keep in mind when the world’s currency becomes worthless.

I wonder how many pizzas a 2013 Ford Mustang GT will be worth in 14 years?

The one thing the 2013 Ford Mustang GT needs to truly be on the same level as the BMW M3 is a slightly tuned suspension.

Believe it or not, the newest GT measures up on every other spec and performance level to the Great Bavarian. Well, to truly be on the same level, it should cost about $25,000 more, but the V8 Mustang is the epitome of everything Ford has learned about muscle cars in the last 40 years. Which, oddly enough, has morphed this muscle car into a genuine sports car.

Ford’s engineers knew, in order to keep with the Camaro in the muscle-car wars, power would need to be increased. So the 412 hp from the 2012 5.0 V8 has been inched up to a round 420. (The 3.7-liter V6 keeps its 305-hp rating from last year.)

This year’s model also features an incredible in-car distraction: a 4.2-inch LCD screen featuring Track Apps. This allows the driver to monitor performance measures such as g-forces, acceleration times and other things that sound great in brochures but are nothing more than attempts to add value to an already incredibly value-soaked machine.

While Ford is under the impression that buyers want such fluff, at least it’s also aware that we want a lot more than just a car that can blister through the quarter-mile. That knowledge has resulted in a car that can easily be compared with the BMW M3 and its 414-hp 4.0-liter V8. All it needs are brakes that inspire a touch more confidence and a mild suspension upgrade.

Even without those things, I’d gladly give a couple hundred pizzas to own one.

Have you ever traded a car for something that wasn’t a car? What would you give for a new Mustang GT?


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  1. I sure can think of better ways to spend $40K than a mustang. There are two pages of Ferraris on auto dealfinder under $40K, including some very tasty low-mileage 348’s.

  2. Maybe I’m just a hillbilly, but that GT would be amazing! I guess I’d have to be a hillbilly with about 40 grand though… you know things are crazy when the affordable Mustang becomes unaffordable!

  3. Probably the last group of cars I spent a lot of track time in testing was Ford Mustangs as we were developing their new electric power steering system. Of course we were working with all the various trim levels. We also had an older M3 which I would consider a lesser car than the current M3. That was our driver training car as well as a development vehicle.
    With all that said, I will tell you that NOT IN A MILLION YEARS will a Ford Mustang come even close to an M3. Sure, you can get similar specs, but you don’t drive the specs, you drive the car. Don’t think the hefty price difference between the cars is just going into some Bavarian’s wallet. Drive a mustang, then drive the M3. If you can’t tell the difference immediately (even as you open the driver’s door and get in) then you’re probably better off buying a Honda Civic.

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