Cars Coming Soon: Chevrolet Impala, Traverse and Trailblazer

2014 Impala teaser

Name the most generic, boring car you’ve ever had the displeasure to drive. Or ride in.

I’ll go first: a Chevy Impala.

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit the only Impala I’ve ever driven (or hitched a ride in) came from the fleet of a rental company. Right off the bat that means I got the most boring version of what might be the most boring car ever made. In my humble opinion, GM may as well have put a brown paper sack on wheels and called it good.

So news of a new 2014 Impala doesn’t necessarily instill feelings of great anticipation. Maybe, though, I’ll be surprised.

We don’t have much to go on right now, other than a couple of Facebook teaser photos. A shark fin up top, heavy chrome trim and a chrome-and-wood-colored interior don’t do a whole lot to increase excitement.

Autoblog raises my curiosity, though, saying that this news about the Impala

comes on the heels of last week’s announcement by General Motors that it plans to replace the Impala in its NASCAR Sprint Cup Series effort with a new nameplate that will also see a production model offshoot, leading to renewed speculation that the automaker will not only sell a new full-size Impala, but potentially a large rear-wheel drive sedan to offer as well, possibly based on the company’s Zeta platform that underpins the Holden Commodore and recently introduced Chevrolet Caprice PPV law enforcement special.

There we go! That’s something to get excited about.

2013 Chevrolet Trailblazer

The new Impala will debut at the New York Auto Show along with the next Chevy Traverse, which is GM’s choice to serve the U.S. market in place of the all-new TrailBlazer (above), which is a diesel-powered 7-seater headed for nearly everywhere but here. The TrailBlazer sounds to me like a great choice for American Chevy dealers to peddle, but apparently GM believes there is no need for another 3-row SUV in its lineup here.

Which new Chevy would you be most interested in: Impala, Caprice, Traverse or TrailBlazer?


Used Chevrolet Impala
Used Chevrolet Traverse
Used Chevrolet TrailBlazer


  1. Around here the Impala is a solid hit with families. The Q-tips seem to be gravitating towards Buicks and Camrys.

  2. The most exciting thing here is a possible new Caprice. GM should have NEVER let the G8 go. It was their first great car in years. Impala? There are still plenty of retired folks who need to drive one to the 4 pm dinner buffet.

  3. Boy, can agree with you on the Impala? For years I’ve seen these cars driving around and often wonder why anyone would buy one, the dullest, most insipid GM product of recent history. Then I remember my recent rant about most people WANTING a boring car. I guess the Impala is Chevy’s version of a Toyota Camry. Sure, it has nowhere near the quality, attractiveness or efficiency of a Toyota, but it’s a “safe” car that’s Homer Suburbs in every way.
    So the new Impala is yet another version of the Commodore (since GM killed the sporty Pontiac G8) but we can be sure, like the Trailblazer, it will be yet another of the seemingly ENDLESS parade of Malibu copies in every size under the sun.
    Can’t you just smell a Lutz in all this?

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