Scion FR-S Gets Its Price, Shows Who’s Boss

2013 Scion FS-R

Disneyland for the price of a state fair.

Las Vegas for the cost of an Indian casino.

5th Avenue for the price of Target.

When the right value proposition is dangled in front of us, we’d be crazy not to buy. Sports-car fanatics, at least the ones on a budget, look for the most amount of fun stuffed into the least expensive package. They want a Porsche for the price of a Scion.

Which could be exactly what the new Scion FR-S delivers.

When Toyota first announced its intentions to build a RWD sports car, it said it wanted to keep the price under $25K. Many were skeptical, but after three years of teasing and at least as many concepts, the car is about to hit the market. It’s price? $24,930. As you know, it’s not arriving as a Toyota in the U.S., but as a slightly lesser Scion.

2013 Scion FS-R

That’s a tradeoff many people might be willing to make, as the price seems right in the sweet spot of affordable sports cars. At 200 hp from a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder, it’s not the most powerful entrant in the budget RWD sports car set. The $24,250 Hyundai Genesis Coupe uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter to deliver 274 hp. The base Ford Mustang, at a hair under $23,000, spits out 305 ponies, while the $24,000 Mazda MX-5 Miata uses a 2.0-liter to produce just 167 hp.

What the FR-S provides, much like a Porsche, is a real driving experience because of exceptional steering, perfect balance and a low center of gravity. This is a car that uses precision engineering instead of massive power to deliver serious driving enjoyment.

For $25,000, that’s a hard concept to argue against.

I wish the FR-S were going to be sold as a Toyota here, because it’s hard for me to identify with the Scion brand. What do you think?


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  1. I had the same general impression of Scion after driving the Iq. Not a blunt instrument (like the SMART) but a very well thought-out, well engineered product at a good price.

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