Lamborghini Batman Visits Sick Kids

Maryland's Batman

Everyone loves Batman. Even the cops. He recently got pulled over in suburban Washington, DC, in his black Lambo on the way to visit sick kids in local hospitals. Even Batman has to have a proper license plate, as the video (after the break) demonstrates. But the cops loved him.

The real story is about Lenny Robinson, a Maryland businessman who made a ton of money, and it has gone viral, because Lenny is a genuine good guy who “spends $25,000 a year of his own money on Batman toys and memorabilia.”

He started visiting Baltimore hospitals in 2001. Doctors say the kids, suffering from cancer and other dreadful diseases, get a real boost out of these visits. Lenny, in full Batman regalia, hands out Batman books, toys, T-shirts and so forth. He also visits schools to talk about bullying.

The car looks to be a V10 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, fully trimmed out with Batman symbols all over it, and Lenny revealed that he’s been pulled over before for speeding.

The car appears to draw nearly as much attention as he does. And he is taking the next step by “having a just-like-the-movies Batmobile built for $250,000, but it’s not ready yet.”

Maryland Batman's LamborghiniLenny said in an interview that kids can relate better to Batman because he’s a natural superhero, without super powers.

I was at Mt. Washington pediatric center and there was a patient that just sat in [his] wheelchair and had no emotion until I came and then he moved his hands and his feet and his head and came to life. At the end of the day, I say to myself, “Did I make a difference?” I hope the answer is yes.

I think the guy does have super powers.

Lenny likes the 1989 Michael Keaton Batman movie best. Which is your favorite Batmobile?


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  1. it about time a cool rich man dress has batman in lovely fastes sport car Lambgrgine and Vistit sick kids, woow I wish done like that I clolet ban t-shirt bat I only have truck. mmm ooo-well keep up good work Batman. come down south some summer day and u we go see poor kids who sick make there day happy. from Allen Hamm Like I all way say bat man fever still gose on.

  2. I remember seeing a clip from the video on TV and thinking…uh oh, here’s a nut job that’s probably trying to find a school to expose his bat pole. Nice to hear he’s a good guy. I’m not sure he needs a “real” batmobile, the kids probably won’t notice the difference.

    My favorite batmobile is kind of a tie between the Adam West TV batmobile, which I saw many times at auto shows, and Keaton’s movie Batmobile. That batmobile racing through the night woods near Gotham, scattering leaves with the turbo fire, all while Danny Elfman’s Batman theme swells and Kim Basinger swoons– what a great movie movment.

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