Women’s Choice: The Top 10 Cars Females Love

For all the talk about guys and their cars, the truth is it’s the girls who make most of the buying decisions. Women account for about half of all auto purchases, but influence up to 80 percent of all automobile transactions in the U.S.

I certainly know that’s true at my house, which is why there isn’t a BMW M3 or Jaguar XK in the garage right now.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that women tend to go for practicality in cars, while guys lean toward style and power. So now that the top 10 cars that women bought in 2011 have been announced, what can we expect to see on the list? Minivans, Miatas and Jettas? Not even close!

Well, maybe a little close. The notion of “chick cars” usually includes vehicles with some kind of a “cute factor,” and the cars on this list certainly qualify. So much so, in fact, that I don’t think many single guys, if left to their own devices, would buy one. Here they are, from number 10 to number 1:

10. Jeep Compass

9. Nissan Juke

8. Toyota RAV4

7. Honda CR-V

6. Hyundai Tucson

5. Toyota Matrix

4. Volkswagen Beetle

3. Volkswagen Eos

2. Nissan Rogue

And the number one vehicle purchased by women in 2011…

1. Volvo S40

Volkswagen, Nissan and Toyota each landed two vehicles on the list. No surprise there. The number one vehicle comes as somewhat of a shock, especially considering the car has been discontinued for this year. Surely Volvo knew it had a hit with the women, so maybe it hopes female buyers will gravitate toward a different model. Or maybe next year the little Rogue will take over the number one spot or, you never know, maybe the FIAT 500 will find it’s place among female buyers and jump straight into the number one spot.

Women: Would any of these vehicles be your number one choice? Many of the girls I know prefer something bigger or faster. What about you, guys?


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  1. “Women account for about half of all auto purchases, but influence up to 80 percent of all automobile transactions in the U.S.” I think that’s a bit misleading because in a household where a buying decision is joint, the man certainly influences the decision too. Indeed, many and many of those “half of all auto purchases” by womem are also somewhat influenced by men. In my own family, of the five new cars my wife has purchased over the years, her choice was strongly influenced by my research. If I had to pick one of the most common current models that I see driven by women, it’s the Chevy Malibu, which isn’t even on the list. However, the Compass also seems to be a female favorite around here, getting it a rep as a “chickmobile” despite Chrysler’s efforts.

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