Lady Gaga Spotted in Audi R8 GT, Should Probably Have an Up! Instead

The World Car of the Year has nothing on Lady Gaga.

Sure, it’s a major accomplishment to build the car that ultimately wins the WCOTY honor. Marketing departments go crazy with the extra publicity, especially when the cars that lost include the BMW 3 Series and the Porsche 911. This year’s World Car of the Year honors went to the diminutive Volkswagen Up!, thoroughly beating its bigger, faster, more refined and grown-up German brothers.

But the Up! doesn’t wear a meat dress or sing number one pop songs. For that, we look to Lady Gaga, who only earns a mention on these hallowed pages due to her new ride:

An Audi R8 GT, one of just 333 in existence and just 90 in the United States.

First, don’t assume the R8 GT is just any other Audi. Oh no, this car is more like a street-legal race car and even blows the doors off its base R8 stablemate.

Available only with a highly tuned V10 engine and single-clutch automated manual transmission, the R8 GT comes race-ready with a standard roll cage, four-point harnesses, fiber-reinforced plastic racing seats, fixed rear wing, race compound tires, lightweight aluminum and carbon-fiber bodywork, adjustable coilover suspension, and a sport exhaust. It produces 560-hp, takes 3.6 seconds to reach 62-mph and tops out at 200 miles per hour.

This is not a car for casual drivers.

Yet Lady Gaga has one. Or, at least, was spotted cruising the streets of Beverly Hills driving one.

If I had to make a guess, I would assume she bought it because of the limited quantity and mirror-like finish. This could be a classic case of “oooh shiny…” more than the result of a carnal need for speed. I wonder if she is even aware of the performance potential of this car. I can’t know for sure, but I have a feeling Miss Gaga has Up! driving capabilities and an R8 GT budget.

That may look good on Rodeo Drive, but could be one heck of a dangerous situation. Even with a roll cage.

Even if the $200,000 cost of entry on the R8 GT was a drop in the bucket for you, would you buy one if you didn’t know how to drive it?


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  1. ah, but I do know how to drive it. Not being an Audi fan though, I’d probably lean more towards something red with a prancing horse on it.

    As far as GaGa goes, it fits perfectly. Think of the likely driving skills of someone who grew up in New York as being 1 percentile, then put them in a 99th percentile car. Kind of an automotive equivalent of her career, which is 1% talent and 99% nude circus.

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