Chevrolet Avalanche Will Join the Extinction List

Some of the best used car values are on vehicles that have gone extinct.

Need a nice quality SUV for the family at a bargain price? Check out a Pontiac Torrent. How about a luxurious convertible? The Lexus SC430 should do nicely. A basic, well-put-together family sedan? Put a Mercury Sable on your list.

The point is, good cars sometimes hit the end of the road. A lot of them do, actually, and now it’s time to add the Chevrolet Avalanche to the list.

If you’re a fan of the Avalanche but have waited to the pull the trigger on bringing one home, you have one last chance before your only option is on the used market. For 2013, the last year for the Avalanche, all models will come as a Black Diamond edition. That means buyers get body-color trim work, special badging and lower prices. The LT trim now boasts a standard rear-view camera, while the LS version adds rear park assist, power adjustable pedals, fog lights and remote start as standard gear. GM has cut the base vehicle’s MSRP by $2,500, which means a starting price of just a hair under $36K.

GM says the lower price is a way of thanking the truck’s fans, though I have a nagging feeling the reduction has more to do with trying to move metal off dealer lots. Last month, GM sold only 2,083 Avalanches which is well below both the Silverado and Tahoe numbers.

Even with the price reduction, I think a used Avalanche is a better buy. Just check out the prices on 2008-2009 models at the CarGurus used listings before trying to stomach almost 40 grand for a brand new one.

The Avalanche is a great truck, but Chevy’s right to put it to rest. Will you miss it?


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  1. I would have to agree with Randy, its either pickup or SVU. Especially if you have an SVU you can put the seats down. Still, its a shame I always thought they were a good looking car.

  2. I have always loved the Avalanche, I have owned an 03,05 and an 07, waiting to pull the trigger on a 13, It is a great pickup and Suv. It will be missed!

  3. The half-suv/half-pickup is one of GM’s dumbest ideas. It combined all the disadvantages of both with none of the advantages. Great features include leaking, wind noise, cold, snow blowing into the interior, no interior storage space, high price, etc. etc. About the only thing dumber is the Cadillac version, which is a pure waste of money. In a world of runaway used car prices, the Avalanche is priced low because nobody wants one. Got to hand it to GM, though, they’ll take that huge parking lot full of unsold ones, slap on some stickers and other glue-ons, and make a “special model”, which is GM’s traditional way of selling off outdated duds.

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