New Benz CSC Coupe Is No Hyundai

It pains me to take issue with my amigo tgriffith. He recently affirmed that the new Mercedes-Benz CSC Coupe, to debut at Beijing next week, ”feels to me like a cross between the fluidic Genesis Coupe and Sonata sedan, with a little bit of Volvo in the front end.”

I don’t know what he was drinking when he wrote that, but now that we have a full set of photos of the Concept Style Coupe, you can see for yourselves that the poor fellow was in the grip of an unfortunate fantasy. We all have our hazy days.

I’ll show you pix of the Sonata after the break, which does bear some small resemblance to the CSC—but so do many other cars, including the Volkswagen CC and Benz’s own CLS cars. The Genesis Coupe (above) looks nothing like the CSC and is one of the most wretched examples of Hyundai design.

AutoTribute called the new car “essentially a smaller CLS that previews a new sedan—likely called ‘CLC’ or ‘CLA’—from the German automaker.” From what I have read, that’s accurate. It derives from the swoopy, so-called four-door coupé look that Benz has been pushing for some time.

This car seems to bring that look to a fuller, more consistent fruition, perhaps because it’s on a smaller platform. The CSC foreshadows the new CLA-Class cars that are to be built on the A-Class platform and should be forthcoming in early 2013, “almost certainly” to be sold in the U.S.

The front-end treatment of the CSC is one of Benz’s better recent efforts, perf’d grille and all. The Sonata looks like a redone Camry (right).

The rear end of the car is somewhat of a departure (forgive me) for Mercedes. How well it works in real sheetmetal we can’t yet tell. The dashboard has air vents that change color with the temperature of the air delivered. We could do without that gimmick on the production car.

But the styling has all the right proportions, spells out brilliantly the new Mercedes design vision, and should sell well when it gets to the U.S. Even tgriffith might like it in the flesh.

Does styling of this kind impress you or not? Is Mercedes getting too far from its more restrained, sober past?


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  1. I guess it’s a mixed bag. I’ve seen some Merc sedans that look like Fords if you don’t see the grille. That’s not good, either. But all the creases and swoops are not mercedes in my book. More like the Japanese or Koreans trying too hard. That should be the whole point of driving a Mercedes in the first place– effortless excellence.

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