Romney Claims Credit for Auto Industry Resurgence

Mitt Romney has always claimed his dog was perfectly happy on top of the car. He talks blithely about his wife’s Cadillacs, his dad’s success, his Mustang, his car elevator at the beach house, and every time he talks about cars, he says something stupid.

Last Monday in Cleveland, he went even further:

“I pushed the idea of a managed bankruptcy, and finally when that was done, and help was given, the companies got back on their feet,” Romney said in an interview inside a Cleveland-area auto parts maker. “So, I’ll take a lot of credit for the fact that this industry has come back.”

Echoing another of his boss’s earlier, manic claims, senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom said a few days later: “The only economic success that President Obama has had is because he followed Mitt Romney’s advice.” One wonders how that will play in Detroit and Cleveland.

RomneyYou all remember, of course, the famous 2008 New York Times op ed in which Mitty argued that the auto industry’s demise would be “virtually guaranteed” if the bailout went through. A litany of Romney comments and contradictions on the bailout can be found here.

So, Bush and Obama put the companies through managed bankruptcy. But indeed, in those dark days there was absolutely no private capital available—a fact documented by such political opposites as Steven Rattner and Bob Lutz. There would have been no success, no turnaround if the government had not stepped in, and everyone should know this.

Why, I wonder, is Mitt raising this issue once again, an issue so transparently phony and refutable? Probably because we have reached the point in our politics where a candidate can say anything, perform any flip-flop, and people will believe him. For proof, scroll down and look at the comments on this Autoblog story.

Romney’s claim just reopens an old wound. It’s like debating how and whether we should have entered World War II.

Would Romney have been better off to admit finally that he was wrong about the bailout?


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  1. The desperation of these clowns running for President is an embarrassment to the nation. They must really think that we are stupid and gullible beyond belief. I fear for our country and our industry which if led by the stewardship of these two clowns will be in deep trouble, far beyond that which we are in now. I voiced my displeasure yesterday at the polls where I was stunned to find the incumbent’s name on the ballot. He was challenged by a prisoner in a Texas jail busted for drugs. I cheerfully pushed the button for him thinking that I would be sending a message. This morning I read in the paper that this criminal got 40% of the Democratic vote across the very smart electorate from the great State of WV. I have no idea how the prisoner got on the ballot which indicates to me that someone in the bureaucracy is also not a fan of the President. Booyaaa!!

  2. Just keep your ears open. Since Mitt has to pander to the brain-damaged tea party fops for any hope of election, as well as being a spoon fed rich kid who was handed everything he has on a silver platter, he’ll have plenty more idiotic things to say.

    I think of him as a midwestern version of the perennial “dimwitted son of a politician” shtick that was perfected by the dumbest and most destructive man ever elected president– Dubya Bush. The tea party folks certainly deserve someone who, like Michigan’s Rick Snyder, will raise their taxes and give the money to his rich friends.

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