Two of the Coolest Car Ideas Ever

SuperBus Project

Sometimes the best ideas for a new car come from out of nowhere.

Sure, a special edition Veyron or a 600-hp Mustang are worthy of space on pages across the blog-o-sphere, but even those amped-up machines are so…well, expected.

To really get our pistons firing we need the unexpected. We need to hear about something so ridiculously cool that we’re not even sure it’s real. We need vehicles so extreme that they don’t just have gullwing doors, they have 16 gullwing doors. Or an old beater car that doesn’t just have a new powerful engine, it has a new supercar engine.

Lucky for you, both freaks of car nature lurk just after the jump.

We’ll begin with the sheer nonsense of taking an old Ford Granada and upgrading it from its wheezy stock V6 to a 1,700-hp beast that roars with the heart of a Koenigsegg CCX supercar.

Seriously. It even has its own Facebook page.

The owner managed to squeeze a Koenigsegg-modified 4.7-liter Ford V8 into the Granada and tune it for a walloping 1,700 horsepower. A stock Veyron comes with a thousand. And no, I don’t where a guy goes, or what he has to do, to take home a Koenigsegg engine.

Ford Granada with Koenigsegg engine

All that power is harnessed through the rear suspension of a 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra, which seems like an odd choice. That aside, a set of massive Porsche brakes are used to tame all those wild ponies. This car is insane. It makes zero sense. It’s the result of pure determination. And I love it.

I also love this:

What you see on top of this story is a bus, of sorts. The Dutch-built 6-wheeled electric car began as a concept but has evolved into a real prototype approved for testing on the roads of the Netherlands.

At almost 50 feet long and more than 8 feet wide, the bus has an aluminum subframe and a variable ride height that enables it to clear speed bumps and reduce aerodynamic drag for high-speed freeway runs. And by high speed, I’m talking a 155-mph top speed. The bus has 16 gullwing doors and can accommodate 23 passengers in ultimate public-transportation bliss.

What’s the coolest car you’ve ever seen or heard about?


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  1. Ah, pure internet fare…. The useless, grotesque and freakish passing for interesting and cool.

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