Celebrities and Their Cars Make Us Cringe

Flo Rida and his chrome Bugatti Veyron

On Fridays we like to lighten things up around here. Sometimes that means we’ll share some of our favorite car videos or create lists of our favorite convertibles or even give our opinion on the sexiest sedans.

Other times we shake our collective head in disbelief as we witness the crazy world of celebrities and their cars. Nothing should surprise us, considering celebs have barrels of money and like to use expensive cars as symbols of their success. Maybe becoming a celebrity should require taking a performance driving class, because the cars they buy usually have an absurd amount of power that should be left to the hands of trained professionals only.

Keep reading for some of the latest antics involving celebrities and their cars.

We’ll begin with Mr. Robin Thicke, the singer and son of actor Alan Thicke. The younger Thicke crashed his Porsche 911 into a parked car Wednesday night. For some reason, he wasn’t charged with anything, he smiled the whole time and even got a ride home from an officer. Somehow I don’t think I would have been treated as kindly had it been me behind the wheel.

Flo Rida's chrome Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is an amazing car. Some might say it’s the pinnacle of automobile engineering. But no one would say it’s a candidate for prettiest car ever. Even still, when a celeb has so much money that he has to buy one of the most expensive cars in the world, and then plate it in chrome, we know we’ve reached a new low in celebrity automobile taste. But maybe that’s what we should expect from Flo Rida…he’s just “Low low low low…”

Justin Bieber getting pulled over

Speaking of chrome, take a look at the picture above. There’s only one Bieber in the world who owns a chromed-out Fisker Karma. Oh and look, he got pulled over. Poor kid. I wonder how he’s going to break the news to Dad.

Let’s end on a positive note. Because we all know that, sometimes, a celebrity will come along and do justice to true car enthusiasts. This time, it’s the great Jerry Seinfeld who comes to the rescue, with a peek into his new web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” Thank you, Mr. Seinfeld, I can tell already I’m going to love it.

If you were a celebrity, what car (or cars) would you own? Anything chrome plated?


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  1. Well, I think the Veyron look like a Japanese pay toilet anyway, but I was surprised to see it was possible to make it look even worse. Leave it to a classless, clueless hip-hopper to chrome plate one. I’m sure he was disappointed to find they couldn’t do it in gold.
    And then comes the Beibermobile, equally tasteless with a chrome Fisker. Why these young folks have such horrible bad taste is beyond me. My first car was a sharp 1955 Chevy convertible and the second was a 1962 Thunderbird rag top. Both very valuable collector’s cars nowadays.

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