Instant, Personalized Car Marketing: Wave of the Future?

Pfaff Automotive Porsche marketing

Car marketing has come to your home.

There was a time (like, yesterday) when direct marketing from car dealers meant opening your mailbox and finding a postcard with your name on it and the latest financial incentive for making a new-car purchase.

Now, a Porsche dealer in Canada has taken the game a step further and actually placed a new Porsche near the driveway of potential customers and snapped a photo.

It’s either brilliant, innovative direct marketing or a blatant invasion of privacy.

Or perhaps a little of both.

Toronto’s Pfaff Automotive dealership combed the city’s richest neighborhoods and parked a white Porsche in front of some houses.

A photographer snapped photos of the car parked near the driveways, and then a marketing team created customized postcards on the spot that they immediately deposited into the respective homes’ mailboxes. The project gave each homeowner a personalized visual of what owning a Porsche 911 Carrera S could look like.

That’s a pretty powerful way to connect on an emotional level with potential customers. Effective too, apparently. Pfaff says that 32 percent of the Porsche-in-your-driveway postcard recipients responded and set up a test drive at the dealership. Anyone in the direct marketing field will confirm that’s a phenomenal response rate.

What about the 68 percent who didn’t respond? Maybe they were ticked off at the thought of their privacy being invaded by a marketing gimmick. I can think of plenty of folks who would be put off by the idea of strangers encroaching on their property and photographing their homes.

While that’s probably the case with at least a few recipients, I have to admire the marketing acumen of the Pfaff team and foresee more of this type of direct marketing coming to a town near you.

Would you be offended if a car dealer photographed your home with a new car in the driveway, or would you schedule a test drive?


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  1. I’d be happier if they photographed some Victoria’s Secret models in my driveway and tried to sell some fancy underwear to my wife. Sure beats the usual we get in my neighborhood, which is mainly lawn care, tree trimmers, home improvement and gypsies with a big white moving van trying to sell cheap furniture. (honest, not makin that one up.)

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