The Best and Worst Car Slogans Ever

Mazda Zoom Zoom

How many ad agencies does it take to come up with a new three-word slogan for an automaker?


Six big and expensive marketing, advertising and research agencies were hired to collaborate and come up with a new slogan. What they came up with might as well have been created by the company’s accounting department. It’s meaningless and cliche.

Toyota’s new slogan, to replace “Moving forward,” is: “Let’s go places.”

Six agencies, extensive research and, surely, plenty of 30-year-old guys in skinny jeans and square glasses all working together to create a slogan that will certainly be mocked the world over. I come from a background of agency work, and I can tell you, the best slogans are created by three people in a room full of cigarette smoke and an empty bottle of brandy.

“Moving forward” at least conveyed an image of confidence and told its audience the general direction of the company. “Let’s go places” just raises questions. Where are we going and why are we all going together?

“Let’s go” would have been a fine slogan, like a rallying cry. “Go places” would have worked, too. “Let’s Go Places” is just… well… lame.

But there have been plenty of lame slogans in the auto world, in addition to some classic great ones.

Keep reading for my take, then please chime in with your thoughts!

Great slogans:

Ford: “Have you driven a Ford lately?”

Chevy: “The heartbeat of America.”

Toyota: “The car in front is a Toyota.”

Toyota: “Oh, what a feeling!”

Lexus: “The relentless pursuit of perfection.”

Volkswagen: “Drivers wanted.”

BMW: “The ultimate driving machine.”

Hummer: “Like nothing else on Earth.”

Lame slogans:

Chevy: “Chevy runs deep.”

Cadillac: “Once you go Cadillac, you never go back.”

Buick: “Dream up.”

Buick: “Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?”

Plymouth: “Isn’t that the kind of car America wants?”

Mazda: “Zoom zoom.” (Successful, yes. But still lame.)

What’s the most memorable car slogan you’ve ever heard?


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  1. what about subaru – confidence in motion? epic slogan, no?

  2. My friend entered a Toyota slogan comp years ago. She entered three words Zoom, zoom, zoom and won… nothing. Then the zoom zoom cam out! hmmmm

  3. Oh and why did you place Zoom Zoom as so bad? I think that’s a terrific slogan, way better than all the other predictable ones.

  4. Remember when Pontiac was something like “driving excitement”? Terrible slogan for a brand that sold the G3 and Vibe.

  5. “See the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet”, “Quality is Job 1” (Ford, and apparently in light of actual quality ratings, it was job 2 or lower) “Wide Track Pontiac”

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