California Gas Prices Looking More Like European Gas Prices

L.A. gas prices

I may have picked the wrong time to go to Los Angeles.

October is normally a nice time to visit, as the heat has eased off and the perpetual smog and/or fire smoke has been cleared by the freshness of early Autumn. This year, though, my timing to visit Southern California could be some of the worst yet. Not because of fires or earthquakes or Academy Awards ceremonies, but because of gas prices.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a city more reliant on personal transportation than L.A., with miles of freeways all jam-packed with frustrated motorists burning fuel while slogging toward the next interchange.

Fuel that now costs, in some places, over $5 per gallon.

Some SoCal stations are beginning to run out of gas due to refinery supply problems at both Chevron and Mobil, according to USA Today. That could translate to $5 gas very soon. In fact, one station had gas for sale at $5.69 per gallon, along with signs apologizing for the high cost.

With some gas stations no longer able to purchase wholesale fuel, some tanks are simply not being re-filled. USA Today notes that a Costco in Simi Valley ran out of regular fuel and began to sell the high-octane stuff at regular prices.

Gas prices in California continue to jump wildly, which makes getting stuck on the 110 from LAX to Hollywood a seriously expensive endeavor. Which is why I’ll probably rethink my rental-car plan and rely on friendly public transportation drivers to get me where I need to go.

The national average price per gallon of regular unleaded is $3.80, according to AAA. California’s average is $4.65 and climbing. I truly wanted to rent something fun while in L.A., but at those prices, I think I will reconsider.

Have gas prices ever changed your plans for a vacation?


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  1. …and yet, nobody seems to be recognizing that the problem here isn’t the oil supply (there is plenty) but the capacity to refine it into gasoline.

  2. It’s funny how one side can say the answer to the gas problem is to drill more while the other says conservation is key. For me, it’s personal. I can’t drill more oil and I can’t influence the price of it. What I can do is conserve to the best of my ability and choose how much oil/gas I want to buy.

  3. I don’t care where our oil comes from. Bring in as much as we need to keep the CA situation from
    Spreading across the country…

  4. Bob, I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. You seem to say that foreign oil producers are bigger polluters than our own oil industry because they don’t have the our “stricter guidelines and regulations”, right after you complain that those regulations are an environmentalist conspiracy. Last time I checked I don’t remember Iraq blowing millions of gallons of heavy crude into the Gulf of Mexico, the Kalamazoo River or Prince William Sound.

  5. What’s going on in California is a good example of how liberal tree hugging policies cripple a state. California is the only state in the country that is not allowed to use gasoline from any other state because it “doesn’t meet our standards.” Randy, you have a serious case of both schadenfreude and stockholm syndrome. The environmentalist and leftist are holding you hostage, and you actually agree with them. It blows me away how environmentalist would rather let the middle east drill our oil. Who do you think would have stricter guidelines and regulations on their drilling industry, us or Iraq? It’s a no brainer, they don’t care about the environment as a whole, they only care about their immediate environment. They could care less if the drilling in Kuwait is regulated.

  6. I guess us dumb-a’s who bought 65mpg hybrids don’t look so dumb after all. I did get a kick out of so many Californi drivers standing in front of a two year old SUV crying about the gas prices. I don’t feel sorry in the least for people who have to live with their wasteful choices, especially skinny little women driving around alone in a 5000 pound truck.

    What’s going on in California is a good example of how delicate our supply line is. Terrorists could actually cause more problem for us by destroying a major refinery.

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