Cars Coming Soon: Jaguar XFR-S, the Cure for the Common AMG

Jaguar XFR-S

If the word “seductive” could be applied to just one car brand, it would be Jaguar. The sultry curves of a Jag are like no other car on Earth. Add in the ferocious power harbored behind the headlights, and it’s hard not to bend to the Jag’s sweet call.

Like any seductress, though, there are potential drawbacks, the biggest being the question of long-term reliability.

With the new Jaguar XFR-S, Jag hopes to take on the likes of the Audi RS 6 (unavailable in the U.S.), Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG and BMW M5.

As great as the XFR-S might be, can it seduce buyers way from the competition?

First, the seduction:

On a recent sprint around the Nurburgring, the coming super sedan based on the XF showed off some new body work, an even more aggressive front fascia, reworked side skirts and a large rear wing. The tail end also gets a new diffuser tucked under the rear valance and quad exhaust.

Jaguar XFR-S, rear

Rumor has it Jaguar has tucked the 550-horsepower supercharged V8 from the XKR-S under the hood of the 4-door XFR-S, which should make for a plenty seductive sedan capable of giving competitors serious fits.

Now, the potential hidden downside of being seduced:

In its annual auto reliability survey, Consumer Reports has rated Jaguar as dead last among 28 car brands. That, quite frankly, sucks for Jaguar and could send potential buyers back to the safety of Audi, which managed to land at number 10 on the list.

A potential saving grace: The CR study includes customer problems with electronics, not just mechanical problems. Jag has long struggled with gremlins in its electronic systems, and as the amount of technology increases in cars, so do the reported problems. Many owners of vintage Jags think those electronic problems are part of the charm. On new modern vehicles that cost significant money, though, the problems may be seen as simply unacceptable.

Reliability ratings aside, would a new Jaguar XFR-S seduce you into ownership?


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  1. I’ve long been an admirer of Jaguar. My dream car is a late 60’s E-type V12 roadster. When I was looking for a fun convertible this summer the V12 XJS was at the top of my list but I couldn’t find an acceptable one at the time. Low point for Jaguar (IMO) was the Ford ownership period, and that lead to some oversized underperforming cars like the S-type. I think Jag is coming back with a vengence and hope their higher end performance cars can lead to some great mid level rides like the some of the classic jags of the past. Honestly, what I’d rather see than an overpowered luxo barge like the XFR-S is an E-type revival that is small, light and fast with a relatively small DOHC V8 or small displacement V12.

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