Cars Coming Soon: Buick Grand National and Jaguar X-Type Successors

Buick GNX rendering

The new Buick GNX?

Is it possible to mention the Buick Grand National without also mentioning Lord Vader, as made famous by Motor Trend in the mid-1980s? No, no it isn’t. So, I thought I’d get the reference out of the way so we can focus on the importance of some exciting news:

The Grand National, GNX and T-Type will reportedly come back into Buick’s stable after nearly three decades of absence.

If you’re like me, one of your first thoughts upon hearing this news is wondering if GM will simply offer a blacked-out Regal with the GNX nameplate, hope to attract some sentimental fans from the 1980s and call it good. However, this looks like the real deal, complete with a new RWD platform from the hot-selling Cadillac ATS and power that could reach, or even exceed, 400 hp.

Inside Line has a source who says the GNX could get the all-new GM LT1 small-block V8, which should get at least 450 hp in the new Corvette. That engine is also a candidate for a potential ATS-V, so a slightly de-tuned version for the high-performance Buick would make a lot of sense. The Grand National and T-Type versions could see power from a twin-turbo V6, with all models getting either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. Naturally, the Grand National would be offered in any color a buyer wants, as long as it’s black.

Expectations are for these three new vehicles to debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

Automobile magazine reports that Jaguar has given the green light to a project dubbed X760, which would bring us a new small sedan and a crossover. Those two entries would complete Jaguar’s transformation into a genuine BMW/Audi competitor and finally give buyers the option of the first small Jag since the X-Type. With Jaguar styling taking a serious turn toward the dramatic in the post-X-Type years, this could be some exciting news for fans of the entry-level cat.

Jaguar B99 Bertone concept

We’ll keep an eye out for official word from Jaguar and, of course, early peeks into the design, but for now take a moment to remember last year’s Bertone B99 concept. Not bad, but I think design director Ian Callum and team can do much better.

Are you more excited for a new small Jaguar or the return of the Buick Grand National?


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